Thermal blanket test – 5 top models in comparison

The heated blanket offers you the opportunity to keep the bed nice and warm even on cold winter days . Instead of turning up the heating and heating the whole room, you can use the heated blanket to specifically warm up the mattress.

This thin electric blanket is placed between the mattress and the sheet. This gives you a pleasant warmth while you sleep, with which you avoid hypothermia and sleep better .

Such warming blankets are by no means only for seniors and dubious coffee trips. If you want to be nice and warm in bed, a heated blanket is ideal for this purpose.

In this test you will find out which models do particularly well and suit your bed.

As already mentioned, the heated blanket is a small support that is placed between the mattress and the sheet. In order to generate the heat, the support must be connected to the power supply. A wire inside the pad is heated by the electrical energy, which transfers the heat to the mattress and the bed.

The advantage of these models is that the temperature is reached quickly and you don’t have to turn up the heater to warm up the entire room. In addition, many people find it difficult to sleep in warm room temperatures.

If you prefer a warm bed, this overlay is a good solution and ideally suited to create optimal sleeping conditions . Modern requirements are much more complex and they don’t just heat up. You can set the exact temperature with the remote control and they offer some additional functions.

The heated blanket consists of a shell. Various materials are available here. The most popular are:


The polyester variants are particularly popular. These are not only cheap, but also easy to maintain and reliably serve their purpose.

The cover ensures that the wire inside the support is not even noticed. This means that the bed is just as comfortable as the mattress and is not perceived as annoying.


Warming blankets are not just simple cushions that warm up and create a more cozy atmosphere on colder days. They now have a number of functions that increase usability and convenience.


The remote control is part of the standard equipment of every warming bed. It is usually connected to the overlay by cable and you can regulate the heat using the controls.

Depending on which functions the model still has, you can make further settings. This includes, for example, setting the timer, which determines the times at which the support is automatically switched on and off.


If you always go to bed at the same time and don’t want to wait for the mattress to warm up, you can set in advance at what time the device should start. In this way, the comfortable temperature welcomes you in bed and sleep is not delayed.

If your bedtime is very irregular, this automatic is not recommended. The pad would turn on even though you don’t want to go to bed yet.


The thermal blanket is not designed to run all night. Rather, it only runs until the desired temperature has been reached. The heat can hardly escape under the duvet and therefore the overlay switches off automatically in order to avoid higher electricity costs and reduce safety concerns.

If you are so tired that you cannot switch off the mat yourself and have already fallen asleep, there is an automatic switch-off function. This switches the heated blanket off automatically after a certain time and prevents it from being operated for too long.


The smartphone has become a constant companion in everyday life and can simplify it considerably. Certain thermal blankets can now be controlled by smartphone . This allows you to determine yourself that the mattress should switch on now and when you go to bed, the mattress is already pleasantly warm.

The prerequisite for this is that the support can be connected to the network in the house via an adapter.


A normal edition takes about 30 minutes until it reaches its maximum heat output and the set temperature. If you are about to go to bed, 30 minutes can be a long time if you forgot to turn the mattress on beforehand.

In order to shorten the time a little, some models offer the possibility to warm up the electric blanket in 15 minutes. This is made possible by a rapid heating function . This is about twice as fast as regular heated blankets.


Are you still unsure which benefits such a heated blanket actually offers and which advantages result from the warmth? Here are some examples of why the heating pad is so practical.


Do you suffer from pain that is mainly due to the joints or muscles? Then your treating doctor will have already recommended that you treat them with heat.

The muscles relax and pain can be relieved. The warmth can also help if you suffer from abdominal pain.


Muscular problems do not always have to be directly linked to serious pain or damage to health. If you work in the office or are very active in sports , you will probably notice this from the tension in the muscles.

This may not be perceived as particularly harmful in the short term. In the long term, however, this can result in postural damage and stress the spine.

In order to prevent this damage, you should counteract this with relaxing measures at an early stage. The additional warmth during sleep relaxes your muscles and tensions are released.


There is a whole other series of clinical pictures and complaints in which the warmth has healing powers. Circulatory disorders are considered to be a high risk, especially with advancing age.

The heat expands the blood vessels and blood circulation is promoted. This measure could also be helpful in the case of high blood pressure .


For most people, winter time also means cold season. And although the cold is not directly responsible for the viral infection, it can weaken the immune system and encourage a cold.

If you want to strengthen your immune system, the warmth in winter is a good way to minimize the risk of infection. Gone are the days when you were particularly prone to catching a cold.


If you are still unsure about the right heated blanket, here are 5 recommendations that are guaranteed to improve sleep.


To start with, I would like to introduce you to the Beurer UB 190, one of the top models. In terms of price, this may be higher than some comparable products, but you get a lot on offer here.

With 55 watts and the rapid heating function , you can bring the mat to the desired temperature after just 10 minutes (depending on the desired temperature). With this you can quickly get a comfortable bed.

The numerous control options that can be used with the Beurer UB 190 heated blanket are unique . For example, you are free to use the app or voice control. It is even possible to connect to an Alexa system.

You get some setting options via app. You can precisely determine at which times the pad should heat up. Depending on the day of the week, you can set different times and temperatures.

If you prefer different temperatures for the upper and lower body, you can also individually determine how warm these areas should be. Overall, the support is divided into 9 zones that can be controlled independently of each other.

The overlay is well tolerated by people with a mite allergy and can help reduce exposure to allergens thanks to the appropriate temperature level. The heated blanket is machine washable at 30 ° C.

If you want a particularly high-quality thermal blanket with a wide range of functions , the Beurer UB 190 model is just right for you.


If you are looking for high quality but want to save your wallet at the same time , the slightly cheaper version of Beurer “UB 75” is made for you. In terms of price, this is well below the top model presented before, but the heat output is still reliably delivered.

The rapid heating heats the overlay in around 15 minutes , which is around 5 minutes slower than the top model. There are 6 temperature levels to choose from .

A manual switch is available for the control. The buttons are illuminated so that you can still see it at night.

The top is made of soft cotton and has the Oeko-Tex 100 seal of approval. So you not only sleep well, but you can be sure that the cotton was produced ecologically.

An automatic switch-off is available for safety . You can set this yourself so that the edition automatically switches off after 2/6/9 or 12 hours.

If you can do without the control via app or Alexa and do not need an individual application depending on the day of the week, this pad will fulfill your desire for a warm bed.


The Sanitas SWB 50 edition is significantly cheaper than the Beurer models. The functions are limited to the essentials , which makes operation easier and still reliably ensures warmth in bed.

With this model you get the freedom to choose your preferred heat from 3 temperature levels . A heat sensor is available so that it does not get too warm in bed if you are sleeping and the mattress is still in use. If it gets too hot, it automatically switches off the heating pad . This not only prevents you from getting too warm during the night, but also ensures a high level of safety.

The material used is cotton, which is certified with the Oeko-Tex 100 seal. The cotton proves to be breathable and even in warmer temperatures the pad will not prove to be a hindrance.

The product is approved for machine washing up to 30 ° C. It is operated with a simple switch that can be removed.

If you are particularly price-conscious and willing to wait a little longer for the blanket to reach the set temperature, then the Sanitas SWB 50 overlay is a good choice for those on a tight budget.


The cheapest model in this test is presented by the manufacturer Medisana. With the model 665, which is available for a price of around 20 euros , these offer a very functional heated blanket at an affordable price.

Everyone has a different sensation of warmth and while some people can fall asleep easily in cold rooms, others feel most comfortable in warm beds. The warmth level can still be perceived differently from person to person. In order to meet the needs, three heat levels can be set on the HU 665 .

Operation is ensured via the remote control supplied. The controls are connected to the support by a cable. The remote control can be removed so that you can wash the heated blanket in the machine.

If the warming mat serves its purpose, you will hopefully fall asleep quickly. To eliminate safety concerns, the HU 665 edition has overheating protection . So you don’t have to worry if you fall asleep and the heated blanket is still running.

You can use the warmth to relieve tension and find your sleep more relaxed. If you don’t have any greater demands and just want a reliable model that provides a warm bed, the HU 665 overlay is ideal for you.


The previous models were made of cotton and kept in the usual white. If you want to provide a bit of variety and you don’t feel comfortable on the cotton, you can use this fleece heated blanket from Deuba. This is not a classic underbed, but an electric blanket that you can use both for sleeping and for a cozy evening in front of the TV.

The material is a little more durable and allows you to wash the blanket at 40 ° C in the washing machine . If you have particularly high hygienic requirements or are allergic and it is important to you to wash the blanket at slightly higher temperatures, this model offers the right solution.

It is operated by remote control. The display is big enough and allows you to set a timer after which the blanket switches itself off. If you fall asleep while watching TV, there is no risk that the blanket will get too warm.

The material is particularly soft on the skin and feels similar to cuddly bed linen . A special processing enables this unique experience and offers a high level of comfort.

There are 5 heat levels to choose from to help you find the optimal temperature . With this you can either ensure a higher quality of sleep in bed or relieve tension.

If the mat does not provide the necessary comfort for you, you can try this fleece heated blanket. This consists of a cozy fleece and is comfortable on the skin for the night.


If you are not quite clear about the differences between the individual models, here is an overview of the most important purchase criteria.


The top priority should of course be quality. This includes that the electric blanket quickly reaches the desired temperature . If the model has rapid heating, the heat can be at a comfortable level after just 10 to 15 minutes. Conventional products take about twice as long to reach the first heat level.

Within the EU you can assume that the products meet a minimum quality standard. This means that there are no safety flaws and you don’t have to worry that the heated blankets pose a risk.

Higher-quality products are particularly impressive due to their finer coordination of heat levels , usability and energy efficiency . While high-quality cushions mainly release the energy upwards and are used to warm up the mattress, there is a higher heat loss with inexpensive versions.

You can also control the top model from Beurer with an app and set exactly what the temperature should be. If you have high demands and prefer a very specific heat range, you are better off with a higher-priced model.


There may also be some differences in the material and its processing. Inferior material can quickly lead to heat loss and instead of keeping your back warm, the heat is radiated throughout the room.

In addition, there must be no security risk if the product is used over a long period of time. The cover must not be affected by long-term use.

The cotton in the products presented here meets the highest standards and ecological guidelines .


There are some horror stories about electric blankets to read on the internet. The grandparents’ house burned down because a blanket was left on for too long and suddenly the mattress was on fire. Or a contact was leaking and an electric shock occurred.

Such scenarios are no longer conceivable with modern heated blankets . These have an automatic shutdown mechanism. The temperature is measured by a sensor and if it exceeds a limit value, the mat switches itself off.

You also have the option of setting up a timer yourself, after which the product switches off. With these two safeguards, it is virtually impossible for such accidents to occur.


Depending on the size, the heat is provided faster or slower. Large models emit more heat overall and can be used at an early stage.

However, energy consumption increases with size. If you want to buy a blanket, you should always put the price in relation to the size . Only then can you see how inexpensive a model really is.

Smaller ceilings are cheaper, but require a lot more time to generate the heat output.


As with all purchases, the price is an important decision criterion. In the previous section it was already mentioned that the absolute price of the underblankets should hardly be a decisive factor. The price per area provides a better indication of the price-performance ratio .

In general, higher-priced models have a greater range of functions . They provide more heat levels, can sometimes be controlled via an app and allow individual heat settings for the sectors of the ceiling.

If you simply want to have a slightly warmer bed, simple requirements are sufficient. If you are using the blanket for medical reasons , it can be helpful to choose a higher-priced model .

These offer the advantage that you save medical treatment costs and a certain amount of time if you can relieve tension with the help of the heat.


If it is too cold for you in bed at night and you can use some extra warmth, a heated blanket offers a comfortable way to heat the bed to a comfortable temperature.

In this way you can relieve tension or prevent colds . Of course , your comfort is also increased if you need a particularly warm bed to sleep well.

Ideally, your health and sleep quality will improve at the same time.



The heated blanket protects you from cooling down on a cold mattress. It provides a pleasant warmth and makes it easier to fall asleep. It is therefore helpful to prevent sleep disorders. Thanks to better sleep, you strengthen your immune system and promote your health. The heated blanket is a useful measure to support your well-being and health if you quickly start to freeze in bed.


You can also use the heated blanket if you have incontinence. There are special incontinence covers to protect the device. These do not let any moisture through and protect the heated blanket. Even without these covers, there is no health risk. However, it could happen that the heated blanket is damaged in the event of incontinence. Cleaning is also difficult. It is therefore advisable to use the incontinence protection cover.

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The heat is generated using electrical energy that is conducted through the wires. Therefore, a power connection is always necessary to use the warming blankets.

Exceptions are certain ceilings that have a high level of thermal insulation. These work without a power supply, but do not generate the heat on their own. They only ensure that body heat is stored under the duvet and cannot escape.


If you have a slightly larger bed, the warming pad can be a bit small. However, this is usually not a problem, as you are unlikely to use the entire bed while sleeping. Therefore, it is completely sufficient if you put the blanket under your sleeping area.


Thanks to modern safety equipment, there is no danger. Even if the blanket stays on all night, sensors automatically detect when it gets too hot and switch the underlay to a lower temperature level.

So you can sleep without hesitation and you don’t have to worry that you have to switch off the mat before going to sleep.


If you use the heated blanket every night, it is exposed to some stress. Sweat penetrates the device and could cause contamination. To avoid this, heated blankets are equipped with a cover. This can be removed and cleaned in the machine. You may only treat the core including the heating elements very carefully and cleaning in the washing machine is not possible.

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