Washing baby mattresses – what should be considered?

Have you been young get this is to sleep as comfortable as possible. After all, the first few months are a big burden anyway and you don’t want the newborn to wake up all the time because it feels uncomfortable in the cradle .

The baby mattress is exposed to a lot of stress. The last meal is vomited and the smell of the diaper is so intense that it rubs off on the mattress.

How can the baby mattress be washed and what care is necessary so that sleep is not impaired?

Even with adults, a mattress is exposed to some unsightly influences. Around a third of life is often spent on the mattress and it has to defend itself against all kinds of stress. These include, for example, sweat, possible drooling while sleeping and the weight that affects the core. It is therefore necessary to clean both the mattress and the cover regularly to prevent bacteria or germs from spreading.

It is even more extreme with the baby mattress . The baby spends most of the day sleeping . The initial months are intense for the newborn and the newly gained impressions have to be processed. This is best done when a deep sleep takes place on a comfortable mattress for your baby .

Although babies spend so much time sleeping , they are constantly interrupted. The main reason for this is to ask for a meal. It is not uncommon, however, that the food does not stay in the mouth, but rather remains are spit on the mattress.

Even a full diaper can rub off the mattress and require additional cleaning . Since your baby spends most of the day in the cradle, a special focus on cleaning is necessary.

Otherwise it could happen that sleep is disturbed. Your baby starts screaming more often , sleeps restlessly and appears unevenly balanced. The sleep is essential for the development and the main component of the young life. Wash the baby mattress more often to create a clean and comfortable sleeping environment.


You want to offer your baby a hygienic and comfortable sleeping environment. This includes a clean baby mattress . But how can the mattress be washed and what do you have to pay attention to?

First of all, most mattresses should not be washed with water. Foam and similar materials are very sensitive. If these become damp, the resistance suffers, so that the mattress does not adapt to the shape of the baby’s body. The possible consequence is a flat head or sleep is less restful.

Important for clean baby mattress is especially the reference . This catches most of the impurities and serves as a direct contact surface for your baby. The reference should be washed at least 60 ° C in the machine to be. The high temperatures ensure that stains and dirt are removed effectively. This temperature is also necessary for allergy sufferers so that the mite load in the mattress is reduced.

When washing the cover, follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. After washing, the cover must be completely dry before it is put on the mattress. Otherwise, the moisture would not only be uncomfortable but could encourage the growth of fungus and mold in the mattress .

In exceptional cases, some materials can be washed directly with sparingly used water. This applies, for example, to baby mattresses made from coconut fiber . These are more resistant and offer enough support even after a gentle rinse so that your baby feels comfortable. Here, too, the mattress must be completely dry before it can be used again.

Otherwise, the baby mattress can only be cleaned dry . The best way to do this is to use a microfiber cloth and some soap. This should remove most of the stains from the mattress .


Constantly cleaning the baby mattress takes a lot of effort. The work can be made much easier with the following measures , so that the mattress is protected and your baby sleeps better.


The mattress is already surrounded by a cover, which is a first protective barrier. However, the cover is relatively thin and cannot stop all contamination. Liquids in particular penetrate the mattress and cause heavy soiling there.

This can be remedied by special waterproof mattress protectors or a topper . The topper also offers the advantage that it improves the lying properties of the mattress and adapts more precisely to the baby’s body. However, these designs are difficult to obtain for babies. Therefore, you have to be careful to use the right size. A special visco topper is a good way of protecting your back and reducing the strain on your body , especially for small children and adults .


Elaborate cleaning is not always necessary so that the smells evaporate from the material and the mattress appears like new. In most cases it is sufficient if you set up the mattress in the morning and ventilate it outdoors or by the window . As a result, any sweat evaporates and the core is given the opportunity to dry out. The exposure to germs and bacteria is reduced, so that the hygienic conditions are improved. Make sure that no moisture gets onto the mattress. So don’t leave them unattended in the garden , where you could be caught in a rain shower.


Most mattresses for your baby are designed symmetrically . They are relatively thin and do not have a complex structure. The weight of the newborn is so light that it is not necessary.

This has the advantage that the mattress can be turned over. It is advisable to turn to the baby mattress at regular intervals so that the load is distributed over the entire surface. Cooling in the mattress and other signs of wear and tear is prevented, so that a high level of comfort is guaranteed for a longer period of time.


The baby mattress itself can hardly be washed. The material would not withstand the damp laundry and clump together. This affects the lying comfort and a new mattress would be necessary.

It looks different when it comes to the cover . This should be washed at least 60 ° C in the machine to be. This ensures that stains and other soiling are washed out of the baby mattress. Additionally, use a topper or mattress protector to protect the core of the mattress.

If you follow the tips presented here , the baby mattress will ensure a comfortable sleep and provide a hygienic environment.

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