How heavy should your weight blanket be?

A weight blanket helps you or your child to sleep better. The additional weight provides a feeling of security and fears are better brought under control. This results in greater relaxation when using the weighted blanket and sleep is promoted.

The weight is essential for the effect of the weighted blanket. The blanket must not be too heavy , as it would then be uncomfortable, but also not be too light , as the effect is then barely noticeable. What weight is appropriate for the ceiling and what factors does this depend on?

For an optimal effect of the weight blanket, manufacturers recommend that it should be around 10% of the body weight . If you yourself weigh 50 kilograms, the blanket must therefore have a weight of 5 kilograms. Then a pleasant feeling and a certain security is conveyed.

However, such rigid limits do not have to be adhered to. Usually a range between 7% and a maximum of 25% of the body weight is recommended. This depends entirely on your own feelings and the complaints.

In the case of severe anxiety disorders, a higher weight is an advantage. If you just want to get a better feeling, light variations can be quite sufficient.

Test different weight classes to assess for yourself how heavy the blanket should be. Around 10% is a good guideline for gaining initial experience with weighted blankets.


Weight blankets are available in a wide variety of designs. They usually consist of small glass beads, which provide the additional weight. They turn out to be comfortable and safe for sleep.

Does your child suffer from ADHD or anxiety disorders ? Then a heavy blanket provides good support for sleep.

For safety reasons, weighted blankets should not be used by children under 10 years of age . They cannot yet correctly estimate the load. In the worst case, the blanket covers the airways and can lead to suffocation.

Therefore, these heavy blankets should only be used by older children when they are asleep . For this purpose, an orientation of the weight to around 10% of the body weight makes sense. It is better to choose a lighter variant so that there is no danger to sleep.


Adults have more leeway when it comes to using the weighted blanket. The therapy blankets are usually offered with a weight of 4 to 12 kilograms . The heavier you are, the more weight the blanket has to put on the scales. The following table serves as a guide.

body weightTherapiedecke in 135x220cmTherapiedecke in 150x220cm
30-49 Kg4 Kg6 Kg
50- 69 Kg6 Kg8 Kg
70- 89 Kg8 Kg10 Kg
90-109 Kg10 Kg12 Kg
>110 Kg12 Kg12 Kg
Weight of the therapy blanket depending on the body weight

When choosing, the weight is not the only decisive factor. If this is spread over a larger area , the total weight must increase in order to achieve the same effect. If you decide on a smaller variant, it can be a bit easier in order to still achieve a therapeutic effect .


If you want to know how heavy the therapy blanket should be , then follow the usual recommendation of 10% of your body weight. Most people find this pleasant.

With pronounced anxiety disorders or larger versions, you can use a heavier therapy blanket. This may be more comfortable for you and contribute to more effective relief.

Ultimately, you have to assess for yourself what weight the heavy blanket needs so that you can sleep optimally. Try out different variants and ask your health insurance company whether they will cover the costs.

Finally sleep through the night with the weighted blanket and allow your body the necessary relaxation. You will sleep more soundly and feel a significant relief of your symptoms.

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