Weighted blankets – 5 variants in comparison

Do you love the feeling of falling asleep under a heavy blanket and does this give you the security you need to spend the night relaxed? Then you can feel even better with a special weighted blanket.

The weight blanket is designed to be extra soothing. It is recommended that this has a weight of around 10% of the body weight . The gentle pressure creates a feeling of security that alleviates sleep and anxiety disorders.

Which weighted blankets perform best and how does this blanket actually get its heavier weight? Here you can find out everything about the useful aid for your sleep.

Blankets can have different weights depending on the material . Some designs are light and suitable for summer, while other models are a little thicker, especially for winter.

If you find the blankets more comfortable in winter and if you find it difficult to rest in summer, this could be related to the weight of the blanket. Studies have shown that gentle pressure on the body has a calming effect. With the weight blanket, a perception arises as if you were back in the safe womb. While this may seem pretty far-fetched, the experiences of the users speak volumes.

In order to achieve the target weight, additional weights and materials are sewn into this blanket This makes it much heavier than an ordinary blanket. Weight is a real insider tip in the fight against sleep disorders and anxiety.

In recent years, these special blankets have also become increasingly popular in Germany . Numerous manufacturers now offer these versions that achieve a therapeutic effect.

Due to the higher weight , the blanket hugs the body very closely. This gives a feeling of security and reduces stress. The weight blanket can be used for some ailments and problems. Particularly when there is a high mental load, it is pleasant to feel the higher weight. It has a calming effect and relieves stress , so that you can finally spend a quiet night again.


The application examples of the weighted blanket are diverse. It can be used for a variety of problems and ailments. In the following you will get an overview of the effect that you can achieve with a weighted blanket.


For sleep, it is important that you calm down and that the stress of the day falls away from you. Even if things are not going well at work or in the family, it is important to sort your thoughts and not take this ballast to bed with you.

If your thoughts are still buzzing around wildly in bed, you will hardly turn a blind eye. Sometimes you get more and more negative thoughts and a vicious circle arises. The stress increases and the next morning you force yourself to get up again completely exhausted.

The weighted blanket has a clear effect on sleep quality. Through the gentle pressure, which is also known as ” Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation ” , the body pours out the feeling of happiness, serotonin. This creates a more positive mood, so that the negative thoughts evaporate a little.

At the same time , the cortisol level drops. This is a main focus in terms of stress and too high a level ensures that you are constantly under tension. As the cortisol level drops, you finally come to rest.

Under the weight blanket, the body releases the sleep hormone melatonin and it is much easier for you to fall asleep. You finally sleep through the night without any problems and the next morning you notice how relaxed you are. Over time, not only will your quality of sleep improve , but also your quality of life as a whole. You will get fitter, feel better and have more joy in life again.


Sleep disorders are a major problem in society. Millions of people are affected by them and there are many different causes why they occur.

Recurring anxiety states are even more drastic for people . These can be caused by past trauma and also disrupt sleep.

As part of the therapy, sleep is one of the key components in order to regain quality of life. But especially in the evening and when those affected are alone, the anxiety states occur more frequently. The stress level rises and falling asleep gently is out of the question

The weight blanket is a relief for those affected. Because here, too, the release of the happiness hormone ensures that a more comfortable feeling is created. Because of its heavier weight, the blanket looks like a warm hug. This is calming and the night is spent less painfully.


It is obvious that the weighted blanket is particularly useful when there is a higher level of mental stress. It conveys a feeling of security and security.

Users also report that physical pain is also much less intense with the help of the blanket . If you suffer from chronic pain in a certain area, it could even go so far that the pain is literally distributed and thus less noticeable.

For pain patients this is a great relief to finally suffer less from chronic pain. Sometimes this also has an influence on whether and how strong medication must be taken.

By using the therapy blanket, the body experiences less stress and well-being increases. A healthier sleep also strengthens the immune system and the body’s self-healing powers. In this way, the causes of some chronic diseases can be effectively reduced in a natural way.


So that the ceiling is a little heavier, no separate material is used. The trick is to put durable glass beads or plastic balls inside . These have the advantage that they are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the ceiling.

So you don’t have to worry that the weight will collect on one side and slip during the night. It is sewn in such a way that the entire blanket has a higher weight evenly and this spreads over the surface.

Allergy sufferers don’t have to worry either. The sewn-in weight is hypoallergenic. Mites do not find a new home in the additional plastic beads and do not feel comfortable there either.

It would look different if you opted for an ordinary thick blanket . This may weigh a little more, but mites could feel comfortable inside and be a burden for those who are allergic to house dust .


Which weighted blankets are convincing in practice and which different models are there? In the following you will find a selection of 5 high-quality designs, which have a positive effect on you due to the higher weight.


high quality variation at a fair price will get you by the provider Bedsure. This offers the weighted blanket in two different weight classes . You have the choice between a lighter blanket with 3.2kg or a heavy version with 7kg .

Different sizes are also available. The smaller version in 104x152cm is well suited for a cozy evening in front of the TV . This is compact enough to cover your body, but still allows easy handling. For comfortable evenings on the couch, the cozy blanket with sleeves could also be a practical and pleasant alternative.

The 150x200cm version is suitable for the bed This reliably covers your body and feels pleasantly cuddly thanks to its higher weight.

The cover is made of 100% cotton. This is resistant, keeps the heat and prevents it from cooling down. This makes this version particularly suitable for winter.

Inside there are 90% glass beads and 10% microfiber. This combination ensures a higher weight without the pearls rubbing against each other or being damaged. These are practically imperceptible, so that the blanket feels as soft as possible.

Bedsure – Therapiedecke 7kg

Opt for this high quality weighted blanket to sleep better and relax. Wash the model only cold on a gentle cycle and pay attention to a natural treatment. Then you will enjoy this execution for a long time.

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Another calming weight blanket is offered by the manufacturer ZZZnest. This has a weight of 7.2kg and is therefore well suited for people up to a body weight of approx. 75kg. You put the blanket over your body while sleeping and a gentle but certain pressure is created. This has a calming effect and releases happiness hormones. Your mood rises and relaxation sets in, which makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

The workmanship of this weighted blanket is of high quality and convinces even with prolonged use. A total of 7 layers are arranged inside so that the weights are securely sewn in and create a cozy feeling.

The glass beads are responsible for the additional weight. These are robust and hypoallergenic so that mites will not find their way there. This layer is surrounded by cotton and polyester layers. The polyester ensures that the fine glass beads stay in the specific position and the cotton ensures that they feel cozy . In addition, the cotton is breathable and temperature regulating. This will keep it from getting too hot even under that thick blanket.

The large selection of the provider is useful The blanket is available in sizes from 104x152cm to 152x203cm. In terms of weight, there are the following variants:


This allows you to determine how heavy the blanket should be and choose the weight that is most comfortable for you.

The blanket can be machine washed at a water temperature of 30 ° C and on a gentle cycle. Only mild cleaning agents should be used. Bleach must not be used.

There are small loops on the edges for easier handling . This enables you to attach the blanket to the bed, for example , so that there is an even more secure hold and the blanket always covers your body during the night.

ZZZnest – weight blanket

Choose this model if you want a higher weight and prefer easy handling . The cotton used feels good on the skin and the incorporated small glass beads help you to relax.

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When browsing through Amazon, you will surely have seen the numerous “basic” offers from Amazon yourself. These convince with an excellent price-performance ratio and focus on the core elements of the product. Any “frills” are usually avoided in order to create a good basic product.

The situation is similar with the weighted blanket. This is available at a low price and thus offers an ideal start if you want to test such a blanket for yourself.

It is available in the size variants 120x180cm and 150x200cm. So you can either use a smaller blanket for yourself or cover almost the entire bed with the larger version.

The weights are either 5.4kg or 9kg . The well-known micro glass beads are used inside . These are surrounded by a polyester lining and 2 layers of fleece. This ensures that the beads stay in place and do not slip during the night.

100% mercerized cotton satin is used as the material. This is breathable and feels particularly supple. This gives you the advantages of a typical satin bed linen .

For cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the ceiling only in places with a damp cloth. This version is therefore less suitable for people with severe allergies who also want to wash the blanket in the machine. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 indicates that the materials pose no danger to children and meet high environmental standards.

AmazonBasics – Weighted Blanket

Choose this inexpensive option if you want to try out for yourself whether a weight blanket promotes your sleep. The investment is limited and you still get a high-quality product directly from Amazon, which is a real help.

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If you enjoy using a weight blanket, you will likely want to use it year round. However, these models are often not suitable as a year-round blanket, as they get too warm in summer.

The manufacturer SCM offers a solution for this. In addition to the ceiling, this also provides two covers that can be attached depending on the season. A Coolmax cover is available for summer , while the fleece cover keeps you warm in winter . This means that the blanket can be used all year round.

The large selection is also impressive. There are a total of 5 sizes available, ranging from 90x120cm to 150x200cm . The weight ranges from 2.7kg to 9kg. The right blanket should be available for every user and there are also suitable models for children.

The washability of this blanket is also advantageous. This can be machine washed at up to 60 ° C , which is necessary for allergy sufferers in order to reliably clean mites from the ceiling.

SCM – therapy blanket with removable warm fleece

Use this high-quality and easy-care version to meet your requirements for a weighted blanket. Together with the blanket and the different covers you get a carrying bag that is wonderful to use when traveling.

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Do you need a particularly heavy or light blanket? Then this model from Leefun is the solution. The manufacturer offers versions in oversizes and up to a weight of 10kg . This means that the blankets can be used by both children and people with a higher body weight.

The sizes range from 135x100cm to 155x220cm. Are you just looking for a small blanket to cover you on the couch or should the variant include your larger bed? With these sizes you are sure to find the right version. The weight ranges from 3kg to 10kg.

When it comes to the material, a combination of cotton and polyester is used. The cotton proves to be breathable and allows year-round use. The polyester holds the glass beads in place so that they stay in their intended position even while sleeping.

The maintenance proves to be a little more complex with this model. Only hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended. This blanket is not suitable for the machine.

Leefun – weight blanket

You get a particularly large variant with the designs from the manufacturer Leefun. If your entire bed is to be equipped with a heavy blanket, this model is ideally suited for this.

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The weighted blanket is one of the medical products and differs very clearly from an ordinary duvet. Therefore, some instructions for use are appropriate so that you will be happy with such a blanket and feel the effect.

If you are using the therapy blanket for the first time , you should not use it for the entire night. First get used to this feeling by using the blanket for around 15 minutes at a time. Then you can better assess whether the blanket will help you and whether you can sleep with it.

Gradually increase the duration of use until you feel comfortable with the extra weight and can use the blanket all night. Without this acclimatization phase , exactly the opposite could be the case in the morning and the night could not be very relaxing. Especially when the ceiling is too heavy, it proves to be bothersome.

If you move a lot during the night and the blanket is no longer on your body in the morning, but somewhere completely different, you should use the loops on the sides. Depending on the model, there are different numbers of loops that enable a secure hold. Use the loops to attach the blanket to the bed so that it is secure and cannot slip. This ensures that you benefit from the weight even on restless nights.


The use of a weighted blanket is not recommended for every group of people. There are also warnings and restrictions in place in the event of physical ailments.

First of all, it should be said that the weighted blanket is not suitable for all ages . With children, greater caution is required and the blanket must never be too big or heavy. It can be useful for babies if they can hardly be comforted in the cradle . Nevertheless, the higher risk of suffocation must be taken into account. The head and neck must never be covered and the blanket must not weigh more than 10% of the body weight. It is best to talk to your pediatrician whether such a blanket will calm your baby down.

There are also restrictions to be observed for adults. The weight and pressure are not perceived positively by every person. If there is a disease of the respiratory tract , the additional pressure could make breathing difficult, which could lead to shortness of breath.

Such a blanket should also be avoided in the case of circulatory problems , as it is perceived as a burden. In this case, the weight acts as a hindrance and has no positive effect.

In case of doubt, it is advisable to clarify with the doctor whether the use of the weight blanket does not pose a risk. After all, your health should benefit and you should feel better and the money should be well invested.


What distinguishes a high-quality weighted blanket and what do you have to pay attention to when buying in order to find the best model for you? In the following you will find out the most important criteria that play a role in the selection.


Unsurprisingly, weight is one of the most important properties when it comes to therapeutic effects. The blankets usually range from 3kg to 10kg and the weight is achieved using small glass beads.

As a rule of thumb , the weight of the blanket should be around 10% of the body weight . With adults there is definitely a greater leeway and the weight should correspond to your own preferences.

In the case of children, however, this limit must not be exceeded. A blanket that is too heavy can pose a major health risk, especially for babies and toddlers.


When it comes to the effect of the therapy, it is not just the absolute weight that has to be considered. The size of the ceiling also plays an important role here.

If the weight is distributed over a larger area, the pressure is slightly lower. As a result, a 10kg blanket with dimensions of 150x220cm could feel lighter than a 9kg weight blanket in 100x150cm.

With the size, you should also consider where the blanket will be used. Do you use them in bed or do you prefer on the couch? Accordingly, you have to take the size into account when choosing the blanket.


The weight blankets are made of cotton , which in and of itself has good temperature properties. Warm air can easily escape and is not above the bed, so that the optimal sleeping temperature is achieved.

If you tend to sweat a lot, we recommend buying a weighted blanket that has different covers. With these you can adjust the blanket so that it is comfortable and not too warm for the summer.


The weighted blanket can not be machine washed without any problems. The glass beads are tough, but there are still tips to be followed when washing the machine.

Very few blankets can even be machine washed. Some models may only be cleaned by hand or with a damp cloth. Accordingly high is the maintenance.

As an allergy sufferer , it is advantageous if you choose a model that can be washed at 60 ° C. This is the case with the blankets from SCM, which are ideal for those who are allergic to house dust. These washing temperatures reduce the exposure to mites and the blanket does not contribute to the allergy symptoms.


Studies have shown that gentle pressure has a positive effect on sleep. weight blanket creates an effect like a hug or sleeping with a partner by your side. The blanket is equipped with small balls inside, which means that it can weigh up to 10kg.

This weight leads to the fact that happiness hormones are released and you relax. You will find it easier to fall asleep and anxiety will decrease.

If you lack the feeling of security during the night, then use the weighted blanket to get a higher level of security. Such a blanket is recommended by therapists and is of great help as a medical product.



As a recommendation, around 10% of the body weight is a good orientation.


The weighted blanket exerts pressure stimulation. This has an anxiety-relieving and stress-relieving effect. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep and you are calmer at night.


Children under the age of 5 should not use a weight blanket. From 10 years of age, it can be used without supervision. The weight blanket is suitable for people who suffer from stress or anxiety disorders and therefore have trouble falling asleep.


Good weight blankets are available for adults from a price of 50 €. Versions for children start at around € 30.


Weight blankets are not recognized as aids. However, an additional payment is possible in individual cases. Find out more from your health insurance company and submit a corresponding application.


Light models can be washed in the washing machine. Hand washing is recommended for heavier versions. Weight blankets are not suitable for the dryer.


The weighted blanket is available both online and from specialist bedding stores.


At first, the weight may feel strange. However, after a few days it will no longer be a problem to use the weighted blanket.


The weight blanket has a stress-relieving effect and relieves tension. The gentle pressure calms you down and it is easier to fall asleep.

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