What are the benefits of a massage device and which applications are possible?

Do you suffer from tension or do you want to stimulate the regeneration of the muscles? Do you longingly wait for the next appointment with the therapist and realize how good the massage is for you?

Then you can easily bring the effects of the massage home. Depending on the problem area, there are numerous different massage devices that promise a health-promoting effect. Are you also considering whether such a device is worthwhile for you?

Then find out what a massage device can do and what effect you can achieve with it.

variety of massage devices are available commercially. These focus on the most common ailments people struggle with.

For example, there are neck massagers that focus on tension in the neck and shoulder area. Or there are foot massage devices with which the feet experience relaxation. The functionality is basically based on the following principles.


In a normal massage, the therapist works sensitively on the muscles with his fingers. If there is tension, it is mostly due to adhesions and stiffening of the fascia structure . The muscles harden and freedom of movement is clearly restricted.

To loosen it, the masseur exerts a certain amount of pressure on the painful areas . This works specifically on the muscle and the Shiatsu massage is beneficial to health.

Modern massage devices simulate the healing hands of the masseur. For this they have different massage heads. These are usually permanently integrated in the device. They turn and move in order to also exert pressure on the muscles in this way. You influence the intensity independently by placing the device more or less on the muscles.

Massage guns have the advantage that youcan change the print heads there. As a result, they are more flexible in use and can be used practically on the entire body. Due to the intense pressure, most devices leave an effect as if you were doing a Shiatsu massage.


With most devices, it is also possible to perform a vibration massage a little more gently . This works with less pressure, but works on the muscles over a large area. It stimulates the blood circulation and penetrates into the deeper structures of the muscles. This enables a holistic treatment so that you can feel an effect on several levels of the muscle.


As an additional measure, most devices have a heat function. This can be done either by means of integrated heating rods or by means of an infrared light. With a red light lamp , the focus is on heat. This penetrates deeper under the skin and stimulates the structures there. The blood circulation is promoted and a relaxation effect occurs. Use the heat for various ailments to experience relief.

Make sure, however, that the heat does not become too intense . Otherwise burns are possible if the distance to the red light lamp is too short and if it is used for too long.


For which complaints is the use of a massage device advisable? The following gives you an overview of when it makes sense to use the massage device and what effect you can achieve with it.


Do you spend a lot of time in the office , don’t move enough and sleep in an awkward sleeping position at night If these things apply to you, tension is inevitable in the long term. Your muscles are not challenged enough to maintain their function. The connective tissue becomes stiffer and after a while you will clearly notice that pain is arising. The neck and back are often affected.

The massager is ideal for this application. The print heads act on the tense areas and loosen the fasciae . As a result, you can feel that the knots are literally receding and that the muscles can be used again without pain .

Move more to keep the muscles healthy in the long term. Swimming or jogging are great ways to prevent tension.


The blood circulation is vital for the body. Nutrients are transported through the blood flow and oxygen reaches the target region. If the blood flow is restricted, for example because the veins are weakened, massage devices are useful.

With a vein massager you work the legs and bring the blood back to the heart. In this way you support the heart function and the swelling on the legs is significantly reduced. During the night, you can put your legs up using a vein pillow . This will help you sleep better and relieve the circulation.

At the same time, better blood circulation is also beneficial for the complexion. If you suffer from cellulite, the massager helps to strengthen the connective tissue. Thanks to the increased blood circulation, nutrients are brought to the tissue more effectively, so that a more beautiful complexion is created. Inflammations that lead to acne or dents in the skin are significantly reduced.


If you do a lot of sport and want to improve constantly, the use of a massage device is also recommended. There is a reason why professionals indulge in regular massages in order to maintain their performance.

Use the massager on non-training days to have a positive effect on the muscles. The muscles become more supple and waste materials are better removed. Muscular injuries are reduced and you are able to exceed your maximum performance faster.

However, be careful when using it and listen to your body. In the case of acute muscle soreness or inflammation, the massager is associated with dangers . You could attack the damaged structure further and thereby impair regeneration.

Choose an intensity at which there is no pain and recovery occurs. Then the application will not prevent a positive effect and support your goals.


Are you under stress all day and even suffer from insomnia in the evening? The stress has become for many people a permanent companion. Whether at work or in everyday family life, the burden is high and there is hardly any time for you.

A massage not only works on the muscular level and relieves tension. The gentle pressure and the warmth also leave the stress behind you.

If you value a lot of relaxation, then use a foot whirlpool or a neck hammock to holistically relieve tension. You get a short break and benefit from the application.

Without the stress you sleep better and wake up refreshed the next morning. Use the massager regularly to find the necessary rest for sleep in the evening. Without a masseur , you can improve your well-being and sleep more restfully.


The question of what a massage device brings has now been answered comprehensively. It depends in detail, although the execution from, but the use of such a device is worth it for many people. Be it to relieve tension in the muscles or to relieve stress. Special massage devices are also useful in the beauty sector, for example to reduce cellulite .

Use the massager to relax your body and mind. Thanks to the handy devices, you can enjoy a soothing massage in your own four walls without having to spend huge sums of money on a masseur.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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