What is a box spring bed

“What is a box spring bed” is a common question that comes up when buying a new bed . Box spring beds are on everyone’s lips and should ensure the best possible sleep.

But what actually makes this type of bed and how does it differ from conventional beds? If you would like to find out what the advantages of the box spring bed are and how it is constructed, you will find an explanation of what a box spring bed is here.

The characteristic of a box spring bed is its structure . This differs significantly from normal beds and does not need any slatted frames. Instead, the box spring bed is divided into three lounger elements.

These elements are separated into a sub-box, mattress and topper . The three lounger elements are coordinated with one another and therefore ensure particularly good sleeping comfort.

Further components of the box spring bed are the headboard and the feet.


The basis for the box spring forms the base . So that the air can circulate better in the room, the room stands on feet. This also helps the breathability of the mattress , so that moisture is better transported away and does not collect in the mattress.

Wood is often used as a frame. This natural material is stable and gives the bedroom a nice impression. Various suspensions are used within the frame. These can either be Bonell springs or barrel pocket springs . Both systems offer even suspension across the entire bed.

This is already a big difference to the slatted frame , which is used in ordinary beds. This gives way more in the middle and therefore the spine is stabilized to different degrees.

Since the box spring bed distributes the force evenly everywhere, the body weight is better absorbed. No matter where you are in bed, there is always a balanced stabilization of the back.

However, when buying it, make sure that it is actually a box spring bed with this typical structure. In the last few years, unfortunately, some “sham packs” have appeared on the market that reproduce the look of the box spring bed, but not the structure. In such models, the positive properties are not perceived.


The box spring bed is also filled with a mattress. The mattress is not on a slatted frame, but on the box spring . Which mattress you choose depends entirely on your needs and preferences. Here you can use mattresses with a spring core. For example, mattresses with barrel pocket springs are popular. Alternatives are quickly perceived as too soft on a box spring.

The comfort of lying in a barrel pocket suspension depends on various properties. The number of springs is already an indicator. The more springs, the better the body weight is supported over the entire surface.

The cover plays a role. There are models that get by with a PU cover. Other models use a cold foam cover, which helps the mattress to return to its original shape. This means that even after several hours of lying down, no marks are visible in the mattress and the lying comfort remains consistently high over a long period of time.


Finally, the third element, the topper, is placed on the mattress. It is a very thin mattress, which should further increase the lying comfort. The properties can vary depending on requirements. Variants consist of viscose, climatic latex or cold foam.


Box spring beds are available in different degrees of firmness . The designations from H1 (very soft) to H5 (particularly firm) have become established for this. The degree of firmness indicates how deep you sink into the mattress when you lie on it. With the soft mattresses you sink deeper, while the hard versions are dimensionally stable.

Which degree of hardness you choose depends primarily on your personal preferences. But there are also objective criteria that are helpful for a healthy sleeping position . The basic rule is that the mattress should hardly give way when lying on its side, but rather allow a straight line of the spine.

If the mattress is too soft, this can lead to harmful deformation of the spine. The head is at a different height than the rest of the spine and a healthy position is not guaranteed.

Therefore, the degree of hardness also depends on the body weight. The heavier you are, the harder the mattress should be.

As a rule of thumb, H3 hardness is recommended for people weighing between 60 and 95 kilograms . If the weight is higher, the hardness grade H4 is more suitable.


By now you should know better what a box spring bed is. The main difference is the structure . The box spring bed completely dispenses with a slatted frame and instead uses a structure made up of three elements.

In ordinary beds, the slatted frame is made of wood and not very flexible. There is hardly any suspension and the pressure is not evenly distributed over the entire mattress. The feeling of lying down is not only harder, but uneven.

In contrast, a box spring bed ensures that movements are better cushioned. The flexible springs react much better to the body weight.

Instead of the force being redirected back to the top mattress, the springs take up the pressure. The springs are also evenly distributed over the entire surface of the mattress. The feeling of lying down is softer and evenly distributed everywhere.


The box spring bed has a number of advantages over beds with slatted frames.

Due to the multi-layer structure, box spring beds are usually higher than the alternatives. With a height of 55 to 70 centimeters, getting up is easier.

If you move around a lot in bed, a slatted frame can get really loud. The creaking can quickly become annoying and reduce the quality of sleep. A box spring bed, on the other hand, is relatively quiet. The springs absorb the energy without any problems and are so resistant that they show no signs of wear even under greater loads.

The sleeping comfort is also perceived as better by almost all users . Thanks to the combination of different mattresses, you can find exactly the degree of hardness that ensures perfect sleep. This type of bed is particularly suitable for people struggling with back problems.

One disadvantage has to be mentioned with the high price. Good box spring beds start at around 500 euros and are therefore above the price level of conventional beds. Box spring beds are, however, durable, which is why the price is spread over a few years.


Now you should know what a box spring bed is and how it is generally set up. If you are looking for a new bed, you should definitely consider this very popular variant in your decision-making.

The price may seem daunting at first, but you have to consider that you will spend about 1/3 of your life in this bed and will own it for a few years. The possible surcharge will hardly be noticeable and the investment in a healthier back is priceless anyway.

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