Which mattress is recommended for scoliosis?

The mattress should ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep. In the morning you want to start the day rested and without pain. It is therefore important that you find the right mattress for you.

Usually this shouldn’t be a big challenge. Based on your personal preferences and body weight, you will select the appropriate model and degree of hardness.

However, it becomes problematic when there are health complaints. If you already have scoliosis , it is extremely important that you find an ideal mattress to spend the night pain-free and not to worsen the scoliosis.

In this guide you will find out which mattresses are recommended for scoliosis and what to look out for when buying.

First of all, it helps your understanding exactly what scoliosis is actually about.

Usually the spine has a natural double-S curvature . The spine is not completely straight, but has several turns, which ensure greater flexibility.

However, scoliosis is a pathological misalignment of the spine. This does not run in the natural shape, but can either be curved to the side or twisted in on itself. This deformation usually occurs in childhood. Scoliosis can be counteracted through early detection of the clinical picture and physiotherapy. However, there are limits to this form of treatment, so that scoliosis can last for a lifetime.

This manifests itself not only in the spine, but also in a poor posture of the entire body. One shoulder can appear higher and the pelvis is often a little crooked. This is accompanied by other complaints that lead to problems in everyday life. Movement can be associated with pain and symptoms worsen with age. It is therefore important to address the scoliosis as early as possible and to relieve the back.

Mild scoliosis can be brought under control with simple means. The physiotherapy ensures a better body and helps to avoid incorrect posture. The spine can also be shaped with a special corset.

In particularly severe cases, surgery is indicated. Implants are used to help straighten the spine. However, this intervention is irreversible and should therefore be the last option. In order to avoid such a serious operation, it is important to find a suitable mattress for scoliosis.


Humans spend about a third of their lives on the mattress. For healthy people without back problems, the choice of the right mattress is already of great importance. In the case of scoliosis, it is all the more important to find a mattress that takes the strain off the back and does not make the symptoms worse. Therefore, if you have scoliosis, the mattress should have the following properties.


During sleep, it is completely normal for you to move around and change your sleeping position. You will probably not lie on the mattress like a rock, but lie on your side and then sleep on your back again.

It is important that the mattress offers the right support in every position. No matter what position you spend the night in or what body type you are, the mattress should always provide optimal relief.

There are now the well-known “One-Fits-All” mattresses , which have a multi-layer structure. The combination of different materials makes them particularly flexible and adaptable.


It is often assumed that the mattress should be particularly soft. Soft mattresses are considered to be of high quality and are associated with a high level of comfort.

However, if the aim is to relieve the back, the mattress must have a certain stability. By supporting the back, the intervertebral discs are relieved and the spine is left in the optimal position. Even if you move around a lot at night, the mattress will adapt to you and offer perfect support.


The third important property is that the mattress hugs your body as closely as possible. This means that a selective relief is achieved and the load is not distributed over the entire area.

This means that there are no pressure points and your spine lies comfortably on the mattress. Modern mattresses that are equipped with memory foam achieve such relief, which is beneficial for scoliosis.


The properties described ensure that the mattress adapts and supports your spine perfectly . The spine adopts a healthier posture and the muscles can relax. The load is taken off the intervertebral discs and they can rest. These properties are met by the following types of mattresses.


Since the realization has prevailed that mattresses should not be specially adapted to a sleeping position, manufacturers have increasingly started to develop flexible mattresses. These adapt to every body type and sleeping position . For this purpose, several layers of different foams are used, which combine different properties in terms of flexibility and supporting force.

The high-quality models include the Casper mattress and the Emma One mattress . These are a bit more expensive, but convince across the board with a high level of comfort and prevent sleep from worsening the scoliosis.


It is especially important for children that they have a suitable mattress. You should definitely not save here. There are already inexpensive models that can be used by both children and adolescents.

The Ravensberger Softwelle is an excellent orthopedic mattress for children that optimally supports the spine. Your child can use this up to adolescence and alleviate the symptoms of scoliosis. In this way, you lay the foundation stone at an early age so that your child will suffer less from scoliosis in adulthood.

With these recommendations you will find the right mattress to deal with scoliosis as well as possible.

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