Which pillow is best for your child?

The pillow is simply part of a comfortable sleep. It is not only used to rest your head, but also to cuddle.

Choosing the right pillow for children can be more difficult. But what should you pay attention to when buying a pillow for your child and what requirements does it have to meet?

Here you can find out everything that is important for the children’s pillow.

If the child has just been born, many experts recommend completely avoiding a pillow. It is not even necessary in this phase and could even lead to damage under certain circumstances.

It is true that the cradle should be kept as clean and free of objects as possible. So it is not advisable to want to care for the newborn with toys or blankets.

The pillow is basically not necessary either. The proportions between the head and the body make a pillow unnecessary. If the pillow is too high, the cervical spine could be stressed too much and cause problems.

An exception , however, is if your baby sleeps almost exclusively on his back. There is a risk that the back of the head will be deformed.

To prevent this from happening, the use of a storage pillow is recommended. This is so shaped that it is in the middle of a recess has, in which the head is stored. The weight is absorbed by the outer ring and the structures of the skull are protected. The stress is minimized and your baby can sleep peacefully.

If your baby is mostly on its back, such a pillow makes sense as a preventive measure . The pillow does not have to be used continuously. A little variety in the sleeping position in combination with the positioning pillow prevents the back of the head from being exposed to too much stress.


From the age of 12 months , your toddler will benefit more clearly from a pillow. Here a flat pillow can provide more comfort.

It is also important here that the pillow is not too high. The head should be level with the body. If it is lifted unnaturally upwards due to the pillow, this represents an impairment of the cervical spine. It can lead to tension and other complaints. Therefore, no ordinary pillow should be used, which is also suitable for adults. Special flat pillows that meet the requirements of the vulnerable body are better .

At the age of 3 , your child can use pillows that are quite a bit larger . Your child can move around freely and maybe they are about to move to the first cot.

Then a nice pillow is another argument for making the new bed more child-friendly. Here you can, for example, choose a unicorn pillow , which is not only comfortable, but also impresses with its design.

This will make it much easier for your child to fall asleep at night and the nightly walks to the parents will also be less. The variant of the cuddly pillow is also interesting . These are made of a particularly soft material and can be used excellently for the night.


If your children have outgrown the “sweet” pillows, they may need more adult pillows . The design no longer seems so important here, it is primarily about a high level of comfort.

This is achieved with a memory foam pillow . This is a special foam that deforms under the influence of body heat. This means that it adapts perfectly to the body contour. At the same time, it guarantees a high level of stability. The material was originally developed by NASA to provide astronauts with greater comfort when launching the rocket. Now you can offer your children this unique sleep feeling too.

An alternative is the gel pillow . These basically consist of the comfortable foam, but have a gel pad. This has a cooling effect and is a good help when falling asleep, especially in summer. If the children’s room is under the roof, summer will likely be a big challenge. With the gel cushion you can get a grip on the heat.

If your child reads a lot and likes to read , they will probably know the problems that the couch is not the most comfortable place to read. No matter how you try to sit down or lie down. Either the backrest is uncomfortable or it is difficult to hold the book all the time. The reading pillow is placed between the back and the armrest . In this position it acts like a soft pad and your child can finally read relaxed for several hours without the back starting to hurt.


You have now learned about a few different variations that could be beneficial for your child. What factors play a role in choosing a pillow?

With small children, you should make sure that the pillow can be cleaned hygienically . It should be made of a material that allows washing from 60 ° C in the machine. Because it can easily happen that a mishap occurs during the night or leftovers of food land on the pillow. It should therefore be easy to care for and quick to clean.

The size of babies and toddlers must also be taken into account. The area of ​​the pillow should only be 40x60cm or 30x30cm . A few centimeters are sufficient in height. Otherwise the neck could be unattractively deformed, which leads to tension in the neck muscles.

The material of the pillow should also be well tolerated by your child. This assumes that no harmful substances are used during production. This is guaranteed with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. It is therefore an advantage for children if the pillow has this seal. After all, babies and toddlers spend a lot more time in bed and therefore come into constant contact with the pillow.

With this selection of pillows and the tips presented, you are sure to make the right purchase decision. With the right pillow, your child will find their way to sleep relaxed and experience beautiful dreams.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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