Which pillows do hotels use?

In terms of comfort, the hotel is taken as a role model by some . Spending the night in a high quality hotel can be a real experience. You wake up feeling completely new and your neck feels much more relaxed.

But which pillows do hotels actually use?

If you want to recreate this comfortable feeling at home, you can find out here which types of pillows are used in hotels.

First of all , it is important that the pillow is adapted to the sleeping position . Depending on the position in which you spend the night, you should choose a different pillow. Incidentally, this is also a tip on arrival at the hotel and can further improve sleeping comfort. Next time, ask if the hotel can provide suitable pillows at your preferred height.


Sleep on the side is very popular [1]. As comfortable as this position may be at first, it is just as challenging for the spine. There is a risk that your head will bend and not be adequately supported. The shoulder area is also not given enough space.

Side sleeper and the pillow

In order to optimally support the head, side sleepers need a slightly higher pillow. Otherwise the head will sink towards the mattress and tension will arise.

pillow that is as high as possible is advantageous for side sleep. Choose one with a height of 15cm. A gel pillow is particularly suitable because it adapts to the contour.


If you spend the night on your back, your spine will be lower overall. You can now choose a flat pillow to take this into account. A neck support pillow can provide additional comfort.

However, if you snore, you should test an anti-snoring pillow. With this you will get used to a different position in which the airways are opened and the volume is reduced.


Sleeping on your stomach is described as rather unhealthy . Here the cervical spine shows a one-sided load . The head is turned to one side on the pillow and this creates imbalances. The muscles are stressed and stretched much more on one side.

Unhealthy stomach sleep

Sleeping on your stomach is considered unhealthy. A flat pillow is necessary for the best possible sleeping posture.

The imbalances lead to tension [2]and ultimately pain. If you do not want to take a different sleeping position, a flat pillow is recommended.


An important property of the pillow is its support function. A common fallacy is that the pillow must be as soft as possible. The soft velvet pillow  is described as comfortable, but it is useless for the neck.

On the other hand, a pillow that offers support and is made of a more stable material is better. For restful and healthy sleep, it is important that the natural shape of the spine is retained. The pillow serves as a storage area to support the neck and prevent the cervical spine from kinking.

High-quality hotels have recognized this and are therefore increasingly relying on more stable pillows. These support the neck and there is no tension the next morning. It may seem unfamiliar at first, but a harder pillow promotes a healthy ergonomic posture.

The spine should neither bend to one side nor be twisted in any way.


How stable the pillow is essentially depends on its filling. Down or feathers are typically used. These are generally perceived as rather soft. The hardness can be influenced somewhat by the exact composition, but this filling is considered extremely soft.

On the other hand, it becomes problematic if you are allergic and have a house dust allergy [3]suffer. Then most natural fillings will provide an ideal breeding ground for the mites in the pillow . Due to the flakes of skin and the sweat that the sleeping people secrete, the mites feel right at home in the pillow. If you sleep on such a pillow in the hotel, it can quickly happen that you wake up with irritated eyes. The mite infestation is by the way not a sign of poor hygiene. The mites are so resilient that they can even survive a wash cycle.

Memory foam

Memory foam pillows adapt perfectly to your neck. Under the influence of body temperature, they gain flexibility and relieve the cervical spine.

The pillow with a memory foam is more suitable for allergy sufferers and people with neck pain . This material is mainly used in neck support pillows and is considered to be much healthier.

The material is stable at the same time, but adapts to the shape of the body. The foam also retains its shape and does not take it after the night. At higher temperatures, a pillow with a gel surface is an advantage. This creates a natural cooling effect. As a result, you work up a sweat less on hot days and can enjoy the night better.


The usual size of the pillow in hotels is 80x80cm. This corresponds to the usual standard, which is also often found at home.

In recent years, however, there has been a greater variety of pillow sizes . The pillows become smaller to promote the ergonomic sleeping position and take up less space in the bed. Pillows have shrunk to a size of up to 40x60cm.

Especially the neck support pillows and side sleeper pillows turn out to be smaller. Above all, they support your sleep selectively and no longer as extensively as the large pillow.


Which pillow is used in the hotel can hardly be answered in general. In most cases these are soft pillows with a down filling and a size of 80x80cm.

However, modern hotels can use smaller pillows that have a foam filling and offer greater support for your neck.

When you check-in, mention which sleeping position you are taking and that you would like a pillow that is best suited for this sleep. Side sleepers choose a slightly higher pillow , while back sleepers can choose a flatter variant.

With these tips you can feel the high quality of the hotel at home and buy a pillow yourself that meets your needs.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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