Which topper is best for side sleepers?

If you sleep on your side like the majority of the population, you hope for a pleasant and restful night . If you wake up in the morning with back pain or tension, it stands to reason that your mattress is not up to the demands of side sleep. If you move too little in everyday life anyway, postural damage and pain are inevitable.

If you feel your mattress is too hard and you don’t sink in deep enough, a topper is a good way to make the bed more comfortable. The topper is placed on the mattress and makes it appear a little softer. The pad adapts perfectly to your spine and reacts more precisely than any mattress.

You can find out which topper is especially suitable for side sleepers in this guide.

The side sleeping is preferred by most people. It is considered comfortable and provides a certain sense of security. Depending on your preferences, you sleep on the left or right side.

From a health point of view, side sleep is not ideal. In this position, the spine is often bent slightly and the lower back in particular is under greater strain.

In contrast to back sleep, the support surfaces for side sleep are very compact. You only lie with your shoulders, pelvis and feet on the mattress. Your whole body weight rests on these few contact points. If you do not have an optimal mattress for side sleepers , the risk is high that your spine will suffer as a result. The load is not optimally absorbed and damages the intervertebral discs.

Nevertheless, sleep on the side can also be designed in such a way that it does not lead to increased stress on the back. It is important that the spine retains its natural shape. It is not dead straight, but runs like a double S.

You can hardly tell alone whether your sleeping position on the side is optimal. It is helpful if another person assesses your posture. When viewed from the side, the back should not be curved up or down . This means that the center of the shoulder is level with the lower back.

If the mattress is too hard, however, the shoulder will not sink deep enough. This causes the spine to be higher in this area. A too soft mattress , however, leads to the opposite. The shoulders and hips are too low so that the back is not supported .

The topper tries to level out these unevenness and has the effect that the upper back is level with the hips. There are no bulges or twists that could be harmful to the back.


In order to guarantee the healthier posture in the side position, the topper for side sleepers must meet various requirements. In the following you will find out how this special topper has to be designed.


When sleeping on the side, there is a high point load . In contrast to people who sleep on their back or stomach, their body weight is not distributed over a larger area. It is concentrated in a few points, mainly in the shoulder area and hips.

Due to the higher load, it is necessary that the topper is more robust and offers better sink-in behavior. This is achieved by making the topper a little higher for side sleepers. While flat versions may be sufficient for back sleepers, versions that are at least 7cm high are advantageous for side sleepers . The additional height allows more leeway so that your body sinks in


Greatly different forces act on the surface of the topper It is therefore necessary that the surface only deforms where the load actually takes place.

One property that attests to this quality is point elasticity . A topper for side sleepers must yield point-elastic to the body. This means that it only deforms on the contact surfaces , i.e. the shoulder and hip .

If it were to give way in the area, this would have the disadvantageous effect that sinking in is not possible. Then the additional height would be wasted and the topper would hardly be suitable for side sleepers.


Which toppers are ideal for you as a side sleeper? Below you will find an overview of high-quality designs that promote your sleep and offer greater comfort.


When choosing the topper, it is crucial that it is precisely tailored to your needs . An important property that you have to consider when buying is your body weight .

The large selection from the manufacturer ARBD is practical. Because this offers several degrees of hardness so that you can find the right model for you. The following degrees of hardness are available:

H2 – up to 85kg
H3 – from 85 to 110kg
H4 – over 110kg

The harder the topper, the higher it is. As a side sleeper, you should therefore tend to choose a higher variant so that it offers good support.

Cold foam is used in the core . This is either straight or designed in such a way that it responds to the different requirements of your body. This is referred to by the manufacturer as a “wave” or “rave” cut. If there is already slight back pain or tension, these orthopedic versions are worthwhile .

In terms of sizes, everything from 80x200cm to 200x200cm is included . The height varies from 7cm to 12. As a side sleeper, you are sure to get the right variant to enhance your sleep.

The double cloth cover is quilted with a climate fiber . This ensures optimal moisture transport and you will sleep in a cooler bed even on warmer summer nights. The cover is removable and machine washable at 40 ° C.

Use this high-quality topper that is precisely tailored to your body. As a side sleeper, you receive optimal support and protect your back. This makes getting up much easier and you start the day with more joy.


If you value the highest quality , this topper is made for you. In terms of price, it is at a high level, but it will noticeably enhance your sleep and offer first-class comfort. Since it has been in use for many years, the price is put into perspective. The quality of life you have gained definitely pays off and you will not want to miss the investment anymore.

gel foam is used in the core of the topper . This has a memory function and adapts precisely to every body. After the load, it goes back to its original shape. Thanks to this property, it is also ideal for a guest mattress and will adapt to every body individually.

The topper is divided into a total of 7 zones. Similar to an orthopedic mattress , the division means better adaptation to the respective body areas. Because the head has to experience different support than the shoulder area, for example.

The Tencel cover used proves to be easy to care for and hygienic. The integrated climate fiber and the climate tape support the temperature regulating properties. If you tend to sweat on warm nights, you will appreciate the cooling effect . The cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C , which is also ideal for allergy sufferers. Mites have no chance to establish themselves in the long term and are effectively removed after a wash.

The topper is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm . It is therefore also suitable for a cot mattress. The height is 8cm and is completely sufficient for side sleepers . The high volume weight of 50 testifies to the manufacturer’s focus on quality and stands for longevity. The quality is also sealed with the Oeko-Tex standard and the topper is also suitable for people who are sensitive to certain harmful substances.

Try this high quality topper for a full 30 days. If you don’t like it and your sleep doesn’t change as expected, you can send it back free of charge. So you don’t take any risks and you can check for yourself whether this execution meets your expectations. Most buyers will be satisfied with the high quality and special workmanship. This model is a real support for a restful sleep.


high standard of quality has also the manufacturer Daily Dream. Its topper is made of a visco-elastic material . This is relatively stable in the initial state, but reacts to your body temperature and becomes much more flexible. If you lie down on the topper, it gives way precisely without losing stability.

The topper is available in heights of 3.5 to 7 cm . As a side sleeper, the tall versions are generally preferable. They give your body more leeway to sink into the topper and experience greater comfort. As an alternative, individual versions with an aloe vera are also offered. These references turn out to be particularly natural. The sizes offered range from 80x200cm to 200x200cm. This covers all common mattress sizes.

What stands out in this model is the foam used. This visco topper adapts particularly well to your body. However, these can be perceived as a little warmer in summer. If you are primarily interested in relieving your back, this foam is a good choice.

The density of 55 shows that a dense material is used. The topper will still convey a first-class feeling of lying down even after years and will not have any annoying dents. The practical straps allow a secure hold and the topper lies firmly on the mattress.

The cover consists of a blend of viscose and polyester. It is removable and machine washable at 40 ° C.

Dailydream has great confidence in its products. As a buyer, you therefore have a 100-day right of return. If you don’t like the topper, you can send it back and you will be reimbursed the purchase price. Use this very flexible pad to promote blood circulation and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


The models presented here are characterized by a high level of customer satisfaction . They meet expectations and significantly improve sleep. But how do you generally recognize a high-quality topper and which criteria are decisive for it?


When Topper is analogous to the cold foam mattress as a foam used. During the manufacturing process, the raw material is foamed and shaped accordingly.

The volume weight describes how high the proportion of the raw material is. RG = kg / m³ is taken as the key figure. The higher the density, the more raw material was used per cubic meter.

high density therefore means a particularly dense foam. This makes him more resilient and he takes the load better. From a value of approx. RG 45, it is referred to as a high-quality topper.

If a topper is cheaper , this is often because the manufacturer saves on raw material. You can easily read this off from the volume weight.


You spend every night on the topper and around a third of your life sleeping. Sweat and physical stress put a strain on the cover and the material.

It is therefore important that the cover is easy to clean. It must be removable and withstand washing at at least 40 ° C without any problems. As an allergy sufferer , even higher temperatures are necessary. Mites are only reliably washed out of the cover from 60 ° C and are no longer a burden.


Due to the long times you spend sleeping, the foam and the cover must be absolutely free of harmful substances . This is attested, among other things, by the Oeko-Tex certificate.

It also ensures greater security if the production takes place in Germany or at least in the EU . Stricter controls lead to greater quality awareness and the materials will not be contaminated with harmful substances.


The topper is a good means of promoting sleep for side sleepers. But there are other useful purchases and tips that can help you keep your posture healthier.


The side position is sometimes associated with greater exertion for the body. The muscles have to work in order not to tip over.

It is therefore useful to use a pillow for sleeping on the side . This is elongated and offers a convenient storage space. Your muscles can finally recover and relax completely during the night.


Lying on your side causes your head to be in a higher position. In order to receive sufficient support , the pillow should therefore be higher.

If you often change your sleeping position, a variable pillow could be an advantage for you. For this there is, for example, the UTTU sandwich pillow , which has a removable inner surface. This allows the height to be flexibly adjusted to your sleeping habits.


Would you have thought that it would make a difference for your body whether you prefer to spend the night on the left or right side? Because of the location of the internal organs , it actually plays a role. These are not arranged completely symmetrically.

If you sleep on your left side , it is better for your health. Heartburn occurs at night less, the breathing becomes easier and the heart is relieved. Therefore, consciously choose the left side in order to spend the night in a healthier posture.


If you sleep on your side like most people, this is not unreservedly recommended for your back and spine. Often the mattress does not offer sufficient lying properties to ensure optimal sleep.

By using a topper, you create additional comfort that supports your health. The topper precisely absorbs the physical strain and adapts optimally to your spine.

Thus you will also spend the night as a side sleeper without restrictions and feel the beneficial properties. Tensions go away and you feel much more relaxed. Use the toppers presented here for side sleepers to experience a whole new sleeping experience.

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