The white noise for babies – an effective sleep aid

Does your baby sleep restlessly and is the sleeping environment too loud? The living situation does not always mean that your baby’s room is completely quiet. The street noise could affect your baby or the neighbors are often noisy.

If your baby is easily startled by these noises and sleep is disturbed, the white noise could offer interesting help . In this guide you will find out how white noise helps your baby to relax and what it actually is.

Do you find sleep particularly pleasant when it’s raining outside [1]? Does your baby find it easier to fall asleep if you run the vacuum cleaner on full volume?

Then these are noises that come very close to white noise. Because the white noise describes a sound carpet that lies on a constant frequency range . It is very even and is therefore perceived as pleasant.

The noise is comparable with changing the radio station or with analog television. This background noise helps your baby fall asleep in a number of ways.

In addition to white noise, there are a number of other hues. These each relate to the frequency range . In the case of brown noise, for example, the low frequencies are emphasized more strongly.


The white noise is beneficial for your baby in several ways. It may sound surprising at first, but the noise is by no means perceived as annoying, but as a real benefit.

Suppresses noisy environment

The white noise superimposes loud ambient noise. This will help your baby find a peaceful sleep.

The main effect of the white noise is that it largely obscures the ambient noise . Your baby does not only sleep during the night, when it is quieter anyway, but also during the day when you are still doing the housekeeping or it is a little louder outside.

It is vital for babies to react to threatening noises. Your survival instinct tells you to scream. Especially in the first months of life, they are hardly able to assess the dangerous situation. Therefore, any noise is perceived as a threat.

The result could be that your baby is constantly awake and rarely sleeps for long periods of time. It is normal that your baby hardly has a fixed sleep rhythm [2]but it constantly wakes up and screams, these can be signs of fatigue . Then you should make sure that the sleeping environment is optimal for your baby.

The white noise covers a wide frequency range . This means that high tones, such as falling glass, can also be superimposed, as well as low-level background noises. The noise is relatively even, so your baby gets used to it and doesn’t perceive it as a threat. It perceives this background noise as pleasant and it conveys a feeling of security.

This also makes it easy to explain why the vacuum cleaner [3]or a fan can have a calming effect. The monotony of the noises is considered familiar and shields the cradle from the noise.


Because of this effect, white noise is the subject of scientific studies. A sufficiently high quality of sleep is essential for the baby’s development. From a scientific point of view, it is therefore interesting whether the white noise makes a positive contribution or is even harmful.

In a study [4]the effectiveness of the noise was investigated for this purpose For this purpose, a randomized study was carried out with 20 newborns between 2 and 7 days old.

White Noise Effectiveness

The effect has been scientifically confirmed and babies fall asleep faster thanks to the pleasant background noise.

The result shows that 80% of the newborns fell asleep after just 5 minutes as soon as the noise was played. This is especially true for babies who weren’t hungry. If the babies did not fall asleep immediately, they did so after a short period of feeding.

So it turns out that the white noise causes saturated babies to quickly fall asleep. If babies still do not fall asleep, it could be because you are still hungry.

As an explanation, it was confirmed that the effect was the same as that of the vacuum cleaner. The noise means that other sources of noise are suppressed and the baby is no longer aroused.


How can the white noise be generated in practice? Leaving the vacuum cleaner running all the time is certainly not a nice idea. The following ways are sure to help you calm your baby down.


First of all, it should be said that you can do without the vacuum cleaner. There are now special devices that generate white noise. In addition to the noise, these also contain other tones. For example, you can play a vacuum cleaner or the sound of the sea .

The sound machines are available relatively inexpensively. For free, you can try whether your smartphone is sufficient on which you are playing the noise. You can find a wide range of different sounds on YouTube , Spotify or other sources . There will certainly be something suitable for your baby.


The noise only fulfills its function if it is louder than the surroundings and thus drowns out most of the background noise. Nevertheless, it must of course not be too loud. Long-term use of the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer is therefore not recommended.

volume of 50 dB is a guideline In this area, the surroundings are largely hidden, but not too loud, so that your baby is not harmed. Make sure the device does not exceed this volume.


The white noise is very effective. If your baby gets used to it too much, it could have the opposite effect in the long run. Your baby will only be able to find sleep with the noise in the background.

In order to avoid such a “dependency” , it is important to note that the noise should only be used to help you fall asleep . A time window of one to two hours is not a problem. Your baby falls asleep more easily, but at the same time learns to deal with normal ambient noises.


Use the white noise as an effective means of creating a safe sleeping environment . Your baby will not be disturbed by noise while falling asleep [5]startled, but feels safe and relaxed. Use a sound machine to generate the noise and you will learn to appreciate this useful helper. Especially for restless babies in a noisy sleeping environment, the noise is a real insider tip to promote sleep.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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