How you can fall asleep better with the white noise device

Do you have noisy neighbors , are you on the road or are you a particularly light sleeper that is disturbed by the slightest noise?

Then you may have managed to play music or a radio play all night Even earplugs or a fan are often used to reduce the ambient noise and can no longer hear the annoying noises.

However, these are very “primitive” measures to improve sleep. This can be done more intelligently with a device that generates white noise.

The noise is able to drown out all background noises and in this way helps you to find your way to sleep more easily.

What are the advantages of such a sound device and how can you use it?

First of all, you should find out what the white noise actually is. After all, you will hear it all night long in the future to help you sleep.

The basic description is very simple. It is a steady sound. This is achieved in that all frequency ranges are represented equally. In the case of white noise , there is no annoying up and down of the pitch, but a very monotonous sound environment is created the entire time .

You have probably already got to know the white noise. If you are still familiar with analog television with its station searches, you will already be familiar with the white noise. This occurs when no transmitter was found and the signal is too weak. Then there is a snowstorm on the screen and the noise occurs.

But the permanent hum of the fan can also be compared with the white noise. The fan is often used to help people fall asleep. This is not about the cooling effect, but only about the even noise.

An insider tip for children is the use of the vacuum cleaner. Some children find this monotonous noise so sleepy that they quickly drift off into the land of dreams.

In everyday life you will have already encountered the white noise. It is not a completely new sound, but you will already be familiar with it.

The noise can also be described by comparing the light. White light is created by emitting all other colors from the lamp. The white noise is generated in a similar manner. Only that all frequency ranges occur here.

Since all frequency ranges are covered, the device, which generates the white noise, can excellently hide the ambient noise There are no gaps that could emerge from the noise due to particularly shrill or dull tones.

In the following section you will find out how the white noise helps you to fall asleep.


Examples have already been given in which noises could disturb your sleep. If you live in a badly soundproofed apartment and the neighbors are still active late at night while you actually want to sleep, their activities could disturb your sleep. Even if you sleep in an unfamiliar environment, the noise could help you to block out the disturbing noises.

However, a distinction must be made between noises that are truly annoying and others that are perceived as pleasant .

If you go on vacation by the sea, the sound of the sea ​​will probably be quite loud and at first glance unfamiliar. But at the same time the sound of the sea is not perceived as annoying and is more likely to promote sleep.

Even rain or the chirping of birds can improve your sleep. If you stay in such an environment, it will not be necessary to use a sound machine. The surroundings are clearly noticeable, but will not disturb your sleep.

The white noise itself is not exactly perceived as “beneficial”. The sound of the sea or other natural sounds put you in a more positive sleeping atmosphere.

In contrast to the pleasant sounds of nature, the white noise appears very static. It can only be generated electronically and is sometimes perceived as unpleasant.

But if you want to promote your sleep, this noise is better suited than, for example, the patter of rain or the chirping of birds. Because the sounds of nature do not cover the entire frequency range and disturbing noises from the neighbors could penetrate through this sound carpet.

The advantage of the white noise device is that the background noise is masked. The noise could cause you to wake up during the night and not be able to sleep through the night. Noise also triggers stress and makes it difficult to fall asleep.

The white noise fades out all the annoying noises and no longer perceives them at all. Instead of the usual noise, you only hear the steady hissing. Therefore, the white noise also ensures a better sleep behavior in the baby .

Without the annoying background noise, it is easier for you to fall asleep. In addition, you will not wake up at night. The body gets used to the permanent noise and will not perceive this as annoying.

Therefore, such a device is recommended for people who complain of a very light sleep and are sensitive to ambient noise.


In the following you will get three devices that generate the white noise independently and thus block out the background noise. The smartphone is not suitable for generating white noise, as it does not cover the entire frequency range. If you want to benefit from the white noise, a sound device is a much better decision.


Do you usually fall asleep with a fan to take advantage of this background noise? Then with this sound machine you get a device that can simulate the sounds of the fan as well as the white noise .

It is specially created for fans of the fan and creates a wide variety of different fans. For example, you can choose whether the sound should be more reminiscent of a large industrial fan or a small fan that could also be in your home.

Besides these 10 fans, there are also 10 sounds of white noise. Here you have the choice between slight variations, but also the basic pure white noise.

The device is kept compact and also well suited for travel. There is an adapter for this so that the device can also be used in the USA and UK.

If you don’t want to hear the noises all night, you can use the timer . You set this for the desired time and the device turns itself off.

If you want to drown out the noise of your neighbors with a fan, this sound machine is ideally suited for this. You can choose from a variety of different fan noises and you can also use the white noise. Thanks to its compact design, it is also ideal for travel.


What kind of sound helps you the most to spend the night relaxed? If you are not yet sure which sounds best promote your sleep, you are in good hands with this machine from Avantek.

With this you get a particularly large selection. There are 6 variants of white noise, 6 fan noises, 10 nature noises and 8 other ambient noises available. So you can try out for yourself which sound environment works best for you and enables a good night’s sleep.

If the background noise is particularly loud, the white noise device from Avantek can be set to a volume of up to 115dB . This means that even large rooms can be effectively shielded from noise.

The touch controls are intuitive and allow you to seamlessly connect to the sounds of the previous evening. If you have found a soundscape that you find particularly pleasant, you can save it and call it up again later.

The noises can be slowly faded out with the sleep timer. In combination with a daylight alarm clock, you can simulate a natural sunset from both the light and the soundscape. The chirping of birds decreases and you are gently led to sleep.

If the noise is to be combated particularly effectively, headphones can also be connected. The sounds can be transmitted via headphones via the 3.5mm connection and the background noises can be effectively suppressed.

For a high portability of battery operation makes. With a full battery charge, the device can be used for over 10 hours. Charging is done either via USB or regular network operation.

If you want to use a variety of different sounds and maybe also connect the headphones, this device is ideally suited for this. This gives you a lot of leeway to test yourself under which conditions you can optimally fall asleep. This sound device is particularly recommended in connection with a wake-up light .


Another device that produces more than just white noise is offered by the manufacturer Gakov. Here the wind noise is in the foreground. Equal to twelve sounds of the wind are offered. Furthermore, 12 different white noise and 6 natural sounds are available. The natural sounds include the sea or flowing water. There are fetal movement noises especially for babies . This is to help newborns experience sounds that they are already familiar with. This is said to have a calming effect and help restless babies through the night.

It is controlled using the buttons on the front. A switch-off timer, the volume and the selected tone are available as functions. If you have found a pleasant background noise, it can be saved in the device and called up again later.

Babies and toddlers can also use this device. For this purpose, hearing protection is integrated so that the sounds are not too loud. When providing the noises, attention is paid to the highest level of precision and sound quality.

A network connection is required for operation. The compact design also allows it to be transported in luggage. However, you should make sure that network operation is possible in the destination country, or that you have the appropriate adapter ready.

You get a variety of sounds at a low price with this sound machine from Gakov. Above all, the numerous wind sounds can help you fall asleep. The high sound quality can also be used for yoga or meditation. This guarantees a wide variety of areas of application.


The sound machine is primarily aimed at people who are light asleep and want to block out the noise. Regardless of the environment, if it is perceived as annoying, it should be hidden. Otherwise, the stress will increase and sleep will suffer.

The white noise is also suitable for making the environment more pleasant during the day. If you study or work from home, the noise will affect your concentration. Whether it’s the kindergarten around the corner or the traffic is perceived as too loud. With the sound machine you can cover up all unpleasant noises.

The white noise can also be good for your baby . If it is very difficult to fall asleep and is quickly disturbed by other noises, you can use nature sounds or white noise to calm it down again. Therefore, such a device is also often used as a sleep aid for babies.


Can permanent hearing of the white noise damage your hearing and thus even be disadvantageous in the long term?

There is no study or evidence to support this assumption. The white noise is therefore not classified as more harmful than other noises.

When using the device, it is important that the volume is set to a comfortable level. If it is too loud, it could damage your hearing while you sleep.

Another danger is getting used to the white noise. If you use it every night, you will no longer be able to do without it. So don’t use it every night and try to get by without the white noise every now and then.


If you suffer from tinnitus , falling asleep can be a big problem for you. You will probably notice this more strongly in a quiet environment in the evening and find it annoying.

With a sound machine that simulates the white noise , the tinnitus can sometimes be contained. The white noise stimulates the brain so that the annoying beeping fades into the background.

The noise works in a similar way to a hearing aid that is on the same frequency as the tinnitus. The difference here is that the white noise covers the entire frequency range and thus also the tinnitus. The sound machine can alleviate the tinnitus and help you fall asleep.


In addition to white noise, there are a number of other types. These differ in frequency and volume. The white noise is mainly characterized by its durability. The volume always remains the same and the entire frequency range is covered.

This looks different, for example, with pink noise . This changes the frequency range and the volume. By changing the volume, this is often compared to the sound of the ocean.

The brown noise , on the other hand, sounds wilder. This is perceived as gloomy and is reminiscent of a stormy thunderstorm.


If noise and other noises regularly disturb your sleep, you should not simply accept them. A good night’s sleep is important in order to experience a high quality of life. If sleep is disturbed, this reduces your well-being and can even lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The source of the noise cannot always be eliminated. Street noise and the neighbors cannot always be influenced in such a way that they are quiet at the specified times.

In order to fall asleep relaxed, the white noise can be used with a device. The noise effectively covers all ambient noise and finally helps you to find your sleep peacefully.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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