Why is a neck pillow helpful for your sleep?

Do you wake up in the morning with a pain in your neck or do you often have headaches during the day? Then one of the causes of the problem could be the pillow you choose .

If you choose a “traditional” pillow, it may seem comfortable at first glance. But on closer inspection, it is hardly suitable for your cervical spine. The pillow is too soft so that the head does not receive adequate support. In addition, the head is often too high or too low. This means that neck pain is inevitable and the quality of life is significantly reduced.

If you didn’t know why you should choose a neck pillow, this guide will give you detailed information on why these special pillows are worthwhile for you.

First of all, the basic problem should be addressed. Because a large part of the people in Germany suffer from tension and pain in the neck. Not only are these uncomfortable, they can also be a major burden. The tension in the neck muscles is considered to be one of the main factors in the occurrence of headaches. If you suffer from unspecific headaches more often , then you should consider neck tension. Due to the tense muscles, the blood circulation is impaired , so that headaches arise. But why does the neck pain occur at all?


One of the most common reasons for neck pain is a pillow that doesn’t fit your needs. This is often the case with ordinary down pillows. Although these are popular in Germany, they are not ideal for the neck. The down pillows are soft and offer a large storage area. From a personal point of view, this may be considered cozy. However , this does not help the neck.

Because the cervical spine is not dead straight, but rather has a curvature . The down pillow does not adapt to this shape, resulting in a bad posture . In addition, the filling is often too soft and the height of the pillow is not tailored to your body.

This shifts the cervical spine into an awkward position during the night. The head is too low so that there is constant pulling on the muscles. This cannot recover during sleep, so you wake up with the familiar neck pain .

This can be remedied by a neck pillow , which is precisely tailored to the shape of the cervical spine . It takes the natural shape of the spine into account so that tension is reduced.


The second reason for neck pain is related to the sitting posture. Do you also belong to the growing number of employees who mainly work while sitting at a desk?

Then there is a great risk that your body will not be able to withstand this permanent strain . This is due to a sitting posture that is mainly characterized by a forward head and a rounded back. The head is pushed closer to the screen and the upper back is rounded so that the entire upper part is characterized by tension.

To avoid this, you should design your workplace according to the common ergonomic recommendations. The screen must not be too far away and the office chair should meet the current standard of ergonomics. If this is not the case, you could use an orthopedic seat cushion to remedy the situation so that you are moved to a healthier posture.


The bed and the workplace are considered to be the most important causes of neck problems. You will spend around 8 hours at each location , which is why it is worth improving this environment.

Why the neck pillow is beneficial for your sleep behavior is primarily due to the material and the shape . The neck pillow is designed completely differently than an ordinary flat pillow. It is curved and offers a deeper storage area for the head. If you sleep on your back, this no longer means that your neck is not on the pillow. With flat down pillows, the cervical spine hardly receives any support, which is why the muscles have to work intensively to ensure a stable sleeping position.

The curvature of the neck pillow, on the other hand, leads to a much healthier posture for the head , as the cervical spine rests on the pillow. The muscles relax and regenerate during sleep.

Another argument why the neck pillow is beneficial for your sleep is the material . A memory foam is usually used. This is characterized by the fact that it is relatively hard in its initial form. Only through your body heat does the foam soften so that it adapts optimally to your neck. For this reason, pillows with a memory foam in any form are a useful purchase for your sleep.

Due to the interplay of these two properties, the cervical spine is kept in its natural position and the muscles relax. Tensions are reduced in the long term and sleep is more restful.


The sleep pattern is individual. This is particularly true of the sleeping position. An ordinary neck pillow with a curvature is primarily suitable for back sleepers. They should make sure that the head is at the same height as the rest of the body. As a result, the entire spine remains on one level and is not overstretched or compressed. For back sleepers are neck pillow with a height of 8 to 12 cm is recommended.

If you sleep on your side , you will hardly be happy with a simple neck pillow . The curvature is more of a hindrance and disturbs in the side position. As an alternative , there is a special pillow for side sleepers . These often have recesses on the sides so that you can place your arm and shoulder there. In addition, they are a little higher so that the head is better picked up and does not sag downwards. If the side sleeper pillows are also made of memory foam, this speaks for a high level of adaptability and increased comfort.

If you feel comfortable on your stomach , you can do without a pillow right away . At most a thin stomach sleeper pillow is suitable for this sleeping position, so that a neck pillow cannot be used here either.


If you are wondering why investing in a neck pillow is worthwhile , then you have received the detailed answer in this guide. The neck pillow is characterized by its shape and the flexible material. This supports the cervical spine and relaxes the muscles. Pain or tension in the neck is reduced, which has a positive effect on your quality of life. Headaches are less common and deeper sleep promises better recovery.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
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