Wooden alarm clocks – the most beautiful models in comparison

Wooden alarm clocks look beautiful and are also environmentally friendly . Would you like to do without plastic and other plastics yourself and prefer to use a natural raw material that can be seamlessly integrated into the bedroom?

Then there are more and more alarm clocks for you that are made of wood and not only look beautiful, but are as functional as the competition.

Natural raw materials are becoming increasingly popular in view of global warming and the increasing problem of disposing of plastic. If you want to set a positive mark yourself and do without plastic, a wooden alarm clock is an ideal way to improve your own ecological FU on the environment.

Wood is a natural and renewable raw material. This means that every alarm clock is produced in an environmentally friendly manner and the damage to the climate is minimized. No housing made of plastic is used, which ends up in some garbage dump at the end of the product life cycle and is not recycled, but the wood can be reused.

Wood is also very popular in the bedroom. Beds and wardrobes are often designed in this way. Therefore, the wooden alarm clock is a good decision and fits perfectly into most bedrooms.

Therefore, it is a good decision from both an ecological and a visual point of view.

There are no restrictions on the functionality and you do not have to worry that the electronics could damage the housing. Compared to old light bulbs, the display and possible LED lamps do not generate any significant heat and there is therefore no risk of fire.

In addition, you don’t have to do without functions such as a radio or even a daylight alarm clock. In terms of functionality, the models are on a level with their plastic counterparts and can be used extensively.

In this guide you can find out which alarm clocks made from this material work particularly well and fit into your bedroom.


To begin with, I would like to recommend three recommendations to you, which have been awarded the highest ratings by customers and which convince with a fair price.


Analog clocks have their very own charm. This is reinforced when the clock is made of wood. In this way, the analog alarm clock from Navaris gets a very special retro look.

Visually, the clock can be placed very well on the bedside table. If you don’t like the round shape, you have the option to choose from other designs. For example, a heart shape or a square is offered. The color of the wood can also be adjusted a little and choose from a darker or light wood.

The clock is operated with a battery. The seconds, minutes and hours are displayed in the same way.

Nevertheless, the analog clock also combines modern conveniences. The dial is equipped with a light that can be activated by pressing a button. This is very suitable for the night when you want to briefly see what time it is. In contrast to the digital display, the clock is otherwise completely dark and does not represent any impairment.

The mechanics inside the watch cannot be heard. There is no annoying ticking that could affect your sleep.

The alarm tone is described as very pleasant and therefore this model is an excellent investment in terms of price and a real alternative to conventional alarm clocks.


Just because the alarm clock is made of wood doesn’t mean that it always has to be kept in a more classic look. The alarm clock from NBPower combines the wood look with a digital display and thus combines both advantages.

This model is not only an alarm clock that shows you the time, but also a temperature meter . The display is big enough to always show the time as well as the temperature and humidity. So you are always informed about the current room climate.

In order to always get up at the right time, the alarm clock has three different alarm times. This guarantees you won’t oversleep or forget an important appointment.

During the night it is practical to set the brightness to the lowest of 7 levels. As a result, the display does not interfere and it is barely noticeable. If you want to know the time, you can activate the display either by clapping or using voice control. Then it shines brighter for a short moment, so that it is easier for you to read the time.

You charge the alarm clock via a USB plug . The charging process takes around 2 hours and then the model can be used for around a month. To be on the safe side, a battery is included in the scope of delivery , so that you will always be woken up in the morning and not suddenly run out of juice.

If you are interested in this alarm clock, you can choose from four color variants: black, brown, white & bamboo. This makes this wooden alarm clock in a modern design a real eye-catcher in the bedroom.


Do you have problems getting up in the morning and do conventional alarm clocks cause stress rather than gently waking you up? Then daylight alarm clocks are a real alternative for you. These models simulate a sunrise in your bedroom and ensure that you wake up gently. This daylight alarm clock from Coulax is even available made of wood .

Depression and sleep problems have become a real widespread disease in Germany. Working life and living in the city are considered to be common causes of these problems. Getting up early before the sun can even be seen outside is a real challenge for the body.

Conventional alarm clocks with their loud alarm tone tend to put the body under stress . Instead of slowly waking you up, the loud beeping of the alarm clock literally wakes you up.

Not only is this uncomfortable, it can have serious negative effects on your health. Fatigue and stress throughout the day are the result.

It is more pleasant if you use this daylight lamp made of wood. This slowly changes its light intensity and the light from the lamp resembles the natural sunrise. In this way, cortisol is released, which carefully prepares your body for waking up.

The light signals to your body that it is now time to get up. This corresponds to the natural behavior and you are much more energetic in the morning and start the day better.

In addition, you can use the integrated natural tones that can be heard, for example, forest noises or the sound of the sea. You can’t wake up much more naturally in the city and you will notice how your mood improves.

Furthermore, this alarm clock can also be used as a night light. To this end are six colors available and the brightness can be adjusted in 10 steps. This type of alarm clock is also ideal for children and thus eliminates the need for morning tantrums and the school performance can also improve.

Made of wood, there is hardly a more natural way to wake up in the morning and start the day on a positive note.



Wood is a natural raw material and this means that no two trees are alike. When the alarm clocks are made from wood, each model also appears slightly different and the grain is individual.

When buying, however, it should also be noted that the color may not correspond 100% to the product image. Over time, the color changes and environmental influences make the wood appear a little different.

In any case, you will receive an alarm clock that is individual and does not correspond to a boring mass product.


Most alarm clocks are made of plastic and in the end the models end up in the trash and it is unclear whether they will be reused again. Therefore, the ecological balance of conventional alarm clocks is not the best.

If, on the other hand, the housing is made of wood, it is a natural, renewable raw material. This grows back and no finite resource is used that is no longer available at some point.

In addition, there is no uncertainty as to whether chemicals are used that could possibly have a negative impact on health. The wood is completely natural and poses no danger.


A high price is actually charged for unique items. Wood is so cheap to buy and work with that the prices for these alarm clocks are very low.

This gives you a product that has an excellent price-performance ratio . At the same time, some design variants are available that are not associated with any extra costs.


Would you like to live more consciously and do without plastic? Then a wooden alarm clock is an inexpensive but environmentally friendly alternative.

You don’t have to forego any functions with these models and they make a very good visual impression. Rather, you get a real one-of-a-kind and you know that the alarm clock is only yours.

Therefore, this inexpensive and ecological alarm clock is highly recommended.



Wood is a renewable raw material and more sustainable than plastic. If the wood was obtained from a sustainable source and reforested, these alarm clocks are environmentally friendly. Most wooden alarm clocks meet this criterion. Look for the FSC seal to make sure that the wood comes from a sustainable source.


The alarm clocks presented here are made of real wood. But there are also simple imitations that are presented in a wood look. These do not exude the same charm and are not more environmentally friendly.


Wood may be a combustible raw material, but there is no greater risk when it is built into the alarm clock. The alarm clock does not heat up and the wood is so robust that there is no risk of fire.


The prices for a wooden alarm clock are between 20 and 40 euros. This makes them a little more expensive than simple, small travel alarm clocks. But they are on par with similar alarm clocks made of a plastic. Thus, wooden models in this segment are no more expensive than comparable alarm clocks made of plastic.


You can find the alarm clock either at the online retailer or in a specialist shop. For this, watchmakers usually have a larger selection. You can also find some models at artisans. However, these are significantly higher in price than the usual designs.

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