How do yellow spots appear on the mattress and how do you remove them?

The mattress should be a place where you feel comfortable and where you can relax and come to rest after a hard day’s work. This works best when the bed is clean and tidy .

If you discover yellow stains on the mattress, this can quickly spoil the mood. They give the impression that your mattress is unsanitary . Perhaps the yellow spots are also an indication that your health is at risk ?

What is going on with the yellow spots in the mattress and how did this removing , you can find out in the following guide.

The causes of the yellow spots are varied. An obvious reason would be urine . The stains often make it look like the mattress is streaked with urine. However, this is very rarely the real reason. In the case of a baby mattress or a cot mattress, it is quite possible that babies or children wet themselves and thereby damage the mattress. But the real cause of the yellow spots is usually justified differently.


The most common reason for discoloration to appear is sweat. While sleeping, it is perfectly natural for you to perspire. This is not only the case in summer, when the nights are warmer, but also in winter. You don’t even notice this and you can wake up in the morning on a completely dry mattress. But even the small amounts and the permanent influence of sweat ensure the clearly visible discoloration.

The reaction of the mattress is comparable to that of conventional textiles. T-shirts or other clothing can also discolour under the influence of sweat .

The materials of the mattress react in interaction with the shit and oxygen. Over time, the material takes on a slightly yellowish color.


Most mattresses now consist of a foam core . A cold foam mattress adapts perfectly to your back and relieves the spine.

The foam proves to be durable and provides a high level of comfort for several years. However, signs of age can develop on the surface or inside over the years .

Some plastics react with the air and this can cause discoloration. An actually white foam becomes increasingly yellowish over the years.

This is a completely normal process and if the mattress is not damp or you do not sweat excessively, you need not worry. The lying properties are retained and the mattress can still be used safely.

Since the yellowish discoloration looks less attractive , you can cover it up with a mattress protector. However, the yellowish discoloration can hardly be stopped.


There is little you can do about the natural discoloration of the foam. This reacts with the air and will lose its white color after a few years. However, if the discoloration occurs due to the effects of perspiration , you can easily alleviate it .

First of all, the principle applies that you should not use water when cleaning the mattress . The moisture penetrates deep into the mattress and it takes time for it to dry out again. A damp mattress is an ideal breeding ground for mites and mold . Therefore, cleaning should be done dry.

Likewise, the moisture reduces the quality of the foam. This clumps and no longer offers the desired lying properties. In the worst case, the mattress will become unusable and you will have to replace it with a new one.


With a foam mattress, there is little you can do about the yellowish stains. You can see if baking soda has an effect. But once the surface is discolored yellow, you will hardly be able to fix it. In particular, since no strong cleaning agents may be used, there is hardly any improvement in sight.


It looks different, however, if the mattress is equipped with springs. A spring mattress is less sensitive to moisture and generally more breathable . This also applies to the Bonell spring core mattress and the barrel pocket spring core mattress .

You can do this carefully with a cleaning agent and little! Clean water. The usual agents intended for textiles are suitable for this .


The best way to keep the mattress surface from staining is to protect it . The cover should be washed regularly so that mites and dirt do not settle there.

In addition, it makes sense to use a mattress protector . You simply place this on the mattress and create an additional protective layer so that sweat and dirt do not collect directly in the mattress.

If you not only want to protect your mattress, but also want to improve the lying properties , a topper is useful. This in turn consists of a foam that deforms and adapts precisely to your body. This takes the strain off the back even better and increases comfort.

Do you sweat excessively and especially the warm summer nights are a problem for you? Then you should try cooling pillows . These consist of a special material that extracts heat from the environment. This creates a cooling effect on the head, which means you sweat less. This proves to be an advantage for your mattress and you will survive the hot summer nights better.


Yellow spots on the mattress are unsightly, but nothing to worry about. They are not an indication that the quality of the mattress is deteriorating or that there is a risk to your health.

They are created by the interaction of your sweat with the surface. The white textiles discolour under this load and lose their actual color.

A similar process occurs with foam mattresses without the sweat load. The foam changes color over time , but this only happens visually. The actual quality and lying comfort remain unaffected.

Once the yellow spots appear, they can hardly be removed. It is therefore advisable to protect the mattress from the outset. Then you will be spared the sight of the yellowish discoloration.

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