Zelda bed linen – the most beautiful variants presented

Zelda bed linen enables your child to fall asleep with their favorite video game character . Video games are part of a happy childhood for many children. At the top of the list is the “Zelda” series, which has been captivating some players for more than 30 years .

Bedding with Minecraft , for example , is often an expression of one’s own interests. While some mayprefera cat bedding or choose their favorite club, other children are more into gaming.

If you want to make your child happy for the next birthday, you can get the best Zelda bed linen currently available here .

Video games have long been reputed to be a bad influence on children. Too little exercise and hardly any more attention to other interests are the result.

In the meantime, video games have arrived in the middle of society and are regarded as a medium to be taken seriously. It is completely understandable that this is also expressed in the bed linen.

After all, we humans spend around 8 hours a day sleeping. This includes a comfortable bed linen and if this is provided with your favorite motif, the dreams will be much more exciting.

As a video game series, Zelda stands for some values ​​that are also important for children. If you as a parent are concerned about what this is about, you shouldn’t be afraid of this series of games.

Zelda became known not for the use of force, but for solving puzzles and a clever approach. Because if you just act headlessly, you will not celebrate any success with Zelda.

A common misconception is that Zelda is the protagonist. However, this is a link, which is also shown on the bed linen. The central aim of every game is to save the princess Zelda and her kingdom of Hyrule and to protect them from the evil forces.

Zelda’s design is based on a child-friendly style. Nevertheless, this series is also very popular with adults. After all, some players grew up with their first titles and stayed true to the series.

You can find out which Zelda bed linen is available and what distinguishes it in the following section.


Now I would like to present you three bed linen that have been rated as particularly positive by customers and not only beautify the bedroom, but also improve the quality of sleep. With the matching Zelda motifs you will give your child a lot of joy.


If a motif quickly becomes boring, the reversible bed linen from Character World has the advantage that it can convince with two beautiful designs. On one side, the protagonist Link is shown in a proud pose. The shield and sword typical of Zelda are shown upside down. The logo of the Kingdom of Hyrule is also clearly visible on both sides .

With a size of 135 × 200 cm , this bed linen is particularly suitable for children and young people. Included in the set is a pillowcase measuring 80 × 80 cm.

The covers are made from 100% cotton. This allows you to wash the bed linen at up to 60 ° C in the washing machine. The material is also certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 . So it does not contain any pollutants.

The practical zipper makes it easy to change . This allows your child to change the motif independently if it gets boring with one side.

Overall, with this variant you get a very convincing bed linen and every Zelda fan will be delighted with it.


While the previous motifs were rather graceful and static, the design of this Linon reversible bed linen is much more dynamic. Here Link presents himself aggressive and full of action.

Similar to the bed linen shown above, this is also a reversible bed linen. Either on horseback or on foot, Link presents himself with a sword and shield to defend the princess. The well-known “Triforce” from the game series is striking both times .

The material used is 100% cotton . This is processed in a Renforcé / Linon quality. This means that the bed linen can be used comfortably all year round without it being too thick for the summer.

zipper is also available here for an easy change . This does not lose quality even after a long period of use.

The duvet cover is available in the size 135 × 200 cm and there is also a pillow with the Hyrule logo.

The bed linen can be cleaned in the washing machine at a temperature of up to 60 ° C. The color is permanent and appears radiant even after repeated washing.

With this bed linen high quality is guaranteed and the two action-packed motifs are appealing for every child.


As an online platform, Elbenwald should be familiar to most film and video game fans. Elbenwald has established itself as a first-class platform, especially in the field of fantasy genre. The range also includes this Zelda bed linen with a reversible motif.

While one side with Link comes up in an action-packed pose, the other side is more neutral with the characteristic triangles . Depending on the mood and preference, the color motif or the neutral print can come out. It is an officially licensed bed linen and the actor Link can be easily recognized from the video games.

Cotton is also used as the material for this bed linen . This keeps you warm in winter and creates a cozy atmosphere.

The set includes a duvet cover measuring 135 × 200 cm and a pillowcase measuring 80 × 80 cm. The bed linen is ideal for both boys and girls.

With these two motifs you can express your passion for Zelda and you can be sure of a good night’s sleep.


If you or your child are a big Zeld fan and would like to express this with a suitable bed linen, the variants presented here will fulfill your wishes.

Since they are available in the size of 135x200cm, they are especially suitable for children and teenagers. The bed linen with Zelda motif can practically be washed in the washing machine and thanks to the high quality of the products listed here, the colors remain the same.

This bed linen is definitely a must for Zelda fans!

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