Sauna pillows – comparison & 3 recommendations

Do you enjoy letting the warmth of a sauna act on your body? Would you like to escape the cold and switch off with the help of the soothing heat?

Then a sauna pillow is a useful helper to get through the time more comfortably. You can lie down and with the right pillow you get optimal comfort. If you are a fan of longer saunas, you will hardly be able to do without such a pillow.

Find out why the sauna pillow is so practical and which models do best in comparison.

If you want to experience a high level of comfort in the sauna, you need a pillow. The ordinary wooden shelves are not very comfortable when you rest your head on them. If you enjoy longer saunas, this will not be a relaxing experience without a suitable pillow . The weight of the head is not absorbed comfortably and the neck muscles cannot relax. This means that the sauna session is perceived as less beneficial and has a great effect.

But a normal pillow is less suitable for the sauna. The materials suffer from the great heat and due to the strong perspiration it will absorb the moisture like a sponge. Although these pillows are comfortable, they are unsuitable for the conditions in the sauna.

Therefore, you should use an easy-care sauna pillow . These are made of resistant materials that can cope better with the heat. The core often consists of an Ecosoft fiber, while a mixture of cotton and linen is used for the cover. These modern materials are characterized by the fact that they quickly release the moisture they have absorbed. In contrast to other models, the sauna pillow dries relatively quickly after use. It is not advisable to wash the core as the filling could suffer. It is better to simply air out the core and let it dry.

This simple care is necessary because you will want to clean the sauna cushion once after each use. Otherwise sweat would also collect there and hygiene would suffer after use.

The sauna pillow is ideal to experience greater comfort. It is a little smaller and therefore also suitable as a travel pillow. The simple care allows you to wash out the impurities during your everyday travel with little effort. Thus, the sauna cushion is a versatile all-rounder , which is characterized by easy cleaning. Compared to other soft pillows, it will not offer the highest level of comfort, but it can also be used at high temperatures.


How do the excellent properties for the sauna come about? The following variants are used for the cover. They are associated with different advantages and disadvantages , which could be optimal for your purposes.


A sauna cushion made of linen or another fabric proves to be particularly comfortable. It comes very close to an ordinary pillow and is available in different designs. The linen feels pleasant on the skin, so that you experience a high level of comfort.

Most models consist either of pure linen or a mixture to which cotton is added. There is hardly any difference between these variants, so that they can be handled in the same way.

The advantage of these covers is that they have a relatively soft surface and can be machine washed at 40 ° C to 60 ° C. This gives you first-class hygienic conditions and allows you to spend your time comfortably in the sauna.


Terrycloth is mainly used as a material in towels . The surface is a little rougher than the linen variant. Therefore, a more “rustic” sauna experience is associated with the terrycloth.

The advantage of terrycloth is its high absorbency. The sweat and moisture in the sauna are well absorbed so that they do not collect on the pillow.

After using it, you should always wash the terry cloth cover. This is possible at temperatures of up to 95 ° C. This makes the terry cloth particularly resilient. If you want to have clinically clean sauna pillows in any case, a product with a terrycloth cover is the best choice for you.


Synthetic leather stands out clearly from the other two fabric variants. It impresses with its smooth surface and leaves a noble optical impression. However, the comfort takes a bit of getting used to and the pillow is not perceived as particularly soft. It is also less malleable and hardly adapts to the shape of your head. Therefore, the sauna cushion made of synthetic leather is recommended for shorter sauna sessions.

Simple cleaning , on the other hand, is advantageous The material does not absorb the moisture, but lets it roll off the surface. It is therefore not necessary to wash the cover. It is sufficient if you wipe off the sweat with a damp cloth.

If sauna cushions made of synthetic leather fit more into the existing design, they can create a noble environment. They are easy to use and do not need to be washed. For this, however, compromises have to be made in terms of comfort.


Which sauna cushions are best suited for your application? Below you will find a selection of three practical products that are characterized by high quality and versatility.


Finland is a symbol of the sauna. Temperatures usually close to freezing in this northern European country. In order to still feel the warmth, the sauna must serve as a change. The sauna is an integral part of the local culture and for some people it is hard to imagine everyday life without it.

The Kaiku sauna cushion from Jokipiin picks up on this culture. This is reflected in the eye-catching design with bluish stripes on the cover. This immediately gives you the feeling of visiting a Finnish sauna and relaxing there.

fabric cover is used as the material . This consists of equal parts linen and cotton. High hygienic conditions are guaranteed because the cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C. After the first wash, you should expect the cover to shrink a little. This is normal and not a problem for the pillow.

With a size of 40x22cm , this model is relatively compact. It can therefore not only be used in the sauna, but is also a good companion as a travel pillow . You can use it on the plane, on the lounger or in the sauna and use the high comfort of the pillow for yourself.

Inside, the filling consists of a fireproof Ecosoft fiber. This is a recycled material which is certified according to the Ökotex standard.

If you spend a lot of time in the sauna, this pillow will offer a high level of comfort . The cover feels pleasantly soft. In connection with the filling, you will lay your head comfortably on this sauna cushion and experience optimal relaxation.


The Eliga sauna cushion is designed a little differently. With a dimension of 35x40cm, it has a much larger shape . This makes it closer to a normal pillow and is less aligned with the shape of the neck. This could be handy for you if you prefer the larger area. If your sauna is a bit larger, you will fill the space better with this pillow.

Resistant terry cloth is used for the cover . This reliably absorbs moisture so that there is no risk of sweat collecting on the surface during the sauna session.

The terry cloth cover is described as less soft compared to the linen . It is a matter of taste whether the rough cover is pleasing or uncomfortable. This material can be compared with a bathrobe.

But cleaning is extremely easy. The cover can be machine washed at high temperatures. This ensures that no germs form and that bacteria don’t stand a chance either. Thus you support your health and do not take any risks.

The core consists of a large number of smaller foam balls. These adapt well to the body shape and will offer your head a comfortable place to rest. The pillow is made in Germany, so you can easily contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

If you prefer a larger sauna cushion and this fits better into your surroundings, you get a practical variant with this model. The terry cloth cover is easy to clean , so you will find a hygienic environment with optimal care.


The “Excellent” pillow is equipped with special properties . The name already suggests that high quality is important here .

It does not consist of a fabric cover, but uses an artificial leather . This is easy to clean and does not have to be put into the machine. It is sufficient to wipe the surface with a cloth In this way, you get the high quality after every sauna session and you don’t have to invest a lot of effort in maintenance.

The pillow has a size of 40x30cm . This makes it suitable both as a pillow and for the back. You put it in the desired place and you will feel the high level of comfort. This is provided by the foam core . If you lay your head on the pillow, the material hugs your cervical spine flexibly. This relieves the muscles and relaxes them. Especially after a long day in the office, this sauna pillow is a great help to switch off from stress.

The model is made in Germany. As part of social programs, production is carried out in workshops for the disabled. Each pillow is unique, whereby the quality is not neglected. With the purchase of the pillow you support the workshops for the disabled so that they can offer the disadvantaged people a meaningful task.

There will certainly be a pillow in 5 different colors to match the design of your sauna. Decide on this high-quality model not only to lie comfortably, but also to set a visual highlight. The artificial leather is easy to clean and with a height of 6cm the cushion is sufficiently thickly padded. Rely on this premium quality to upgrade your sauna visit .


In addition to the covers, the material of the fillings is also responsible for comfort. Depending on the filling, this will be more or less flexible in order to adapt to your body.

The eco-fiber described is described as very strong. It is made from recycled material, but proves to be less malleable. If you prefer a higher degree of hardness, this pillow will offer good support in the sauna. However, this could be perceived as uncomfortable when traveling or as an alternative to the pillow. You will notice a big difference, especially when compared to a memory foam pillow .

Fine fibers made of cotton wool are popular in sauna cushions The cotton balls have a small amount of space in the core so that they can move a little inside. If you lie down on the pillow, the wadding gives way and adapts better to your head and cervical spine.

The foam offers the best deformability. This is perceived as soft and is therefore preferably used in pillows. In the sauna, however, you have to bear in mind that the soft feeling of the hard surface can be tarnished. Since the sauna cushions are smaller and thinner, with the soft foam you can quickly feel the wooden bench on your head. Therefore, the foam is suitable for lighter people or if you just want to put it under your back. As a pillow, it will be too soft and not provide the necessary stability to comfortably enjoy the sauna on the hard wooden loungers.


Traditionally, wooden head rests are used to provide greater comfort. The head rests are made of the same wood as the loungers and are designed so that you can rest your head on them. The slightly rounded shape adapts well to the neck and provides good support. Some models can be adjusted in height so that the head is straightened a little.

The headrests are only suitable for the sauna. They are larger and therefore less flexible to use. In terms of comfort, they might be too tough for you. The higher stability could also be just the thing to compensate for tension in the neck. If you always rest your head on pillows, the stress is relatively one-sided. With such a headrest made of wood, the muscles experience a change and are holistically trained.

It is therefore advisable to try these wooden headrests as well. Perhaps you can be more enthusiastic about this variant while you are in the sauna?


If you like to go to the sauna and want to spend the time lying down or leaning your back on, a sauna pillow will provide good support. You put this under the respective part of the body and you will benefit from the greater comfort.

Compared to other pillows that are used in the bedroom, for example, the sauna pillow is specially hardened against the greater heat. The material is easier to clean and sweat is not a problem.

This means that you can rest your head comfortably on the hard wooden loungers and make the sauna sessions more pleasant. Trust the sauna pillow to let the heat act on you even more relaxed.

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