American box spring bed – what makes it so special?

American box spring beds are known from film and television . In contrast to the European versions, these beds are extremely large and seem to give a more comfortable impression.

There are, in turn, different versions within the box spring bed family. If you want to feel the comfort of the American box spring bed, you should find out how it is constructed.

This guide explains in detail which properties the American box spring bed has and what the differences to the European versions are.

In contrast to the usual European beds, box spring beds have a completely different structure. Where a wooden box with a slatted frame is common in Germany , the box spring bed consists of different elements that build on one another.

The structure of the American box spring bed can be characterized as follows.

The base forms the substructure, which is equipped as a box with a large number of steel springs. This is consistent with the European box spring beds in an oriental design .
A spring mattress rests on the substructure. In the American version, however, no topper is used.

The basic structure is the same for the American box spring beds. The bottom box , which supports the mattress with the steel springs, serves as the bottom element .

The second element is either a pocket spring core or a Bonell spring core mattress . Since the topper is not available, the mattresses in the American structure are a little thicker.

In the American box spring bed, the mattress ensures that the body’s weight is evenly distributed.

It is not entirely true that the American version works without a topper. Instead of a separate third element, a foam layer is already integrated into the mattress .

So it depends more on your own definition whether the American box spring bed has two or three elements. The fact is that this structure results in other properties of the bed.

So it’s not true that they just leave out the topper.


The following advantages characterize this special version of the box spring bed and can also ensure a better night in your tidy bedroom .


The clear advantage is that there are fewer elements and the bed is therefore much more “stable”. If you move around a lot during the night, you no longer have to worry about the topper slipping. Likewise, you don’t have to prepare the topper properly before going to bed, you can simply go to bed.


The topper serves as a direct support for sleeping. It is therefore necessary to clean it. This effort is unnecessary without a topper. You can clean the surface of the mattress instead of having to keep two elements clean on a regular basis. In this way, the mattress can be kept more hygienic with less effort .


The more elements there are, the higher the box spring bed. The topper contributes to the thickness of the bed and usually leads to a higher entry height.

For small people or if there are health restrictions, a lower entry height is an advantage. Getting started is easier and is no longer that stiff.


Whether the European version with the topper is better or sleeping on the mattress is more comfortable depends on the subjective feeling. If you have tested a box spring bed with a topper and were not convinced of the comfort, the American version is an alternative.

Since the support is integrated directly into the mattress, the weight can be better distributed over the entire surface . The overlay is perfectly matched to the core and the lying comfort is perceived differently. This creates a completely new feeling when sleeping, which could be positive for you.


The fact that the variants with toppers have increasingly prevailed in Europe shows that these also have a right to exist. Therefore, the disadvantages of the American structure are presented in order to allow a final overall impression.


The biggest advantage of the topper is that it can be changed relatively easily. If you want to adjust the firmness of your bed , you don’t have to change the mattress. With the help of another topper you can already achieve the comfort you prefer.

If you are not satisfied with the sleeping comfort or the hardness of the American box spring bed, this can only be solved by replacing the mattress. It is not possible to fine-tune it using the topper.


The topper not only serves as additional comfort, but also as a protective element for the mattress . With the American version, your body lies directly on the mattress. As a result, it is exposed to higher signs of wear and tear. This may limit the lifespan of the box spring bed and the mattress has to be changed at shorter intervals.

With the European structure it is sufficient to change the topper from time to time. However, the mattress can be used for many years and is spared the typical signs of wear and tear.


The following beds are based on the design of the American box spring beds. However, they do not have an integrated foam layer, but a classic topper. Since only the versions with an additional topper are common in Germany, the American mattresses are not available in stores, but would have to be imported.

With a thin foam pad and a low entry height, the feeling of the American box spring bed is modeled well.



The box spring bed from King offers a wide variety of options. You can choose whether you need a box spring bed with a bed box to get additional storage space or whether you want a special V2 topper to improve your sleep.

Bonell spring core is used in the substructure . This distributes the entire load of the mattress evenly over the surface and ensures that the back is relieved . A mattress with a pocket spring core rests on the Bonell spring core . The top layer is the visco foam , which is surrounded by a protective cover.

The entry height is a low 40cm. The degree of hardness can be determined individually and ranges from H2 to H4 . When it comes to colors, the options are also wide and range from a conspicuous blue to more subtle anthracite and white tones.

It takes about 20 minutes to set up . Two boxes, the mattress and the headboard are delivered. The headboard is connected to the boxes and you only have to put the mattress on the box. The bed is already ready and can be used.

The delivery takes place by arrangement and free of charge up to the curb . For a surcharge it is possible to transport the bed into the bedroom. You should discuss this with the manufacturer in advance.


If you would like to have a typical American box spring bed with a low topper, this bed from “King” is the right choice for you . You can have the bed put together individually and adapt it exactly to your needs. The headboard has a timeless, classic design.

Compared to the conventional versions with slatted frames, you will feel a whole new sleeping experience and get up in the morning with full energy.



Another top quality box spring bed is offered by the manufacturer “Aukona”. In the Helena variant, you get a box spring bed, which is reminiscent of a hotel bed and enhances your sleep with comfortable upholstery.

The base consists of a high-quality wooden construction . In this there is a flexible spring core , which is responsible for the even distribution of the weight. The 7-zone pocket spring mattress rests on the wooden construction . This has a height of 20 centimeters. The cover is removable and machine washable. A comfort topper with a height of 7 centimeters is used as the top element . The entry height is slightly higher, 67 centimeters.

A special service is offered by the manufacturer. This takes over the delivery and the complete assembly. So you don’t have to worry that the assembly could be too complicated and there is no annoying lugging. The packaging material is disposed of by the provider . Once bought, the bed is ready for use in your bedroom in no time and you don’t have to cause additional stress.

The choice of more than 70 colors is also outstanding . You can choose your bed from these – at no extra charge. The degrees of hardness available range from H2 to H4.

The production takes place by hand in Germany . If you have any questions or special requests, the provider can be reached and taken into account. For example, it is possible to create an extra long box spring bed with a length of up to 220cm.


Does your craftsmanship leave something to be desired and you want to make sure that the bed is set up correctly?

Then you can trust this provider. He takes care of the delivery to your bedroom as well as the complete assembly . The manufacturer is happy to answer any questions you may have.

The box spring bed “Made in Germany” guarantees high quality and sleeping comfort that you cannot experience with a bed with a slatted frame.

You cannot enjoy a stress party in a box spring bed than with the “Helena” model.



The third recommendation is also convincing due to the high quality and lets you sleep like on clouds. With over 150 reviews, the high average rating shows that buyers are more than satisfied with this model.

The structure of this box spring bed is based heavily on the two previous variants. The substructure and the mattress consist of a pocket spring core . The mattress corresponds to the usual 7 zones, so that the weight is ideally distributed over the entire surface. A comfort foam is applied as a topper . This is well suited for lighter people and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

If you don’t like the height of the headboard, you can have it changed according to your wishes. A box spring bed with a low headboard , for example, is better suited for a sloping roof. It is also possible to leave out the headboard entirely and not order it.

The available colors are either gray or anthracite . The selection here is manageable, but there is a greater choice in terms of the size and structure of the bed. In addition to the comfort topper, you can also use latex or visco. The size of the bed ranges from 140x200cm to 200x200cm . You can choose between H2 & H3 for the degrees of hardness.

Deliveries are also made to Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg.


The price of this box spring bed is a little lower than the previous beds. If you are more price-conscious and above all want to take advantage of an excellent price-performance ratio , this bed offers high quality at a manageable price.

The comfort topper roughly corresponds to the sleeping habits of American box spring beds, so that the lying properties come very close. If you have already slept in an original American box spring bed and want to relive this feeling, this bed is ideally suited for this.


With its extensive structure, the box spring bed has a level of sleeping comfort that cannot be achieved with a bed with a slatted frame. The different elements ensure that the bed is precisely tailored to your weight and how you sleep.

Although the topper is not integrated into the mattress as the top layer in the variants presented here, it is a foam pad that is also used in the original American box spring beds.

The topper gives you further customization options and allows you to determine how hard the bed should be.

Do you wake up exhausted in the morning and your back hurts?

Then your bed is not made for you, but rather represents a burden. With the box spring beds presented here, you will significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

Get up in the morning with a smile and start the day with new energy. The American box spring bed is an extraordinary sleeping option that you shouldn’t withhold from your body.



The American box spring bed consists of a sub-box and a mattress. This is usually equipped as a Bonell spring core or, in higher-quality models, with a pocket spring core. A topper is not included in the structure of the American box spring bed. As a result, this box spring bed does not adapt to your back so optimally. However, the models are cheaper and you can optionally order a topper yourself.


Scandinavian box spring beds consist of a three-part structure. This consists of a lower box, mattress and topper. The topper is not an integral part of the American box spring bed and is often left out. With this structure, too, the bed is higher than classic versions with a slatted frame. This makes it easier to get in and out and improves sleeping comfort.


American box spring beds have a height of 50 to 70 cm. This makes them significantly higher than comparable beds with a slatted frame. This is particularly advantageous for older people who find it difficult to get on and get up in the morning. The strain on the knees is less so that the typical start-up pain is hardly significant.


Americans typically don’t use fitted sheets or blanket covers. First, a large sheet is used, which is clamped firmly under the duvet. A second sheet is placed on the bed and turned over in the head area. The pillows have covers, but the blanket is often not.


The easiest way to buy real American box spring beds is online. The variants presented here correspond to the structure mentioned. There are also manufacturers who also offer these types of box spring beds. Before you buy, make sure which structure is available.

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