Laying a mattress on the floor – what are the benefits?

Do without the slatted frame or bed frame and simply lay the mattress on the floor? This idea may sound pretty crazy in Germany In this country, the bed with slatted frame is the common standard , with box spring beds becoming increasingly popular.

In Japan and other cultures, it is traditional to sleep on the floor . Often only a thin pad, such as a futon mattress, is used to support the body. Would you like to try out for yourself what it feels like to put the mattress on the floor and sleep on it? Then you should heed the following tips so that this experiment works and your mattress is not damaged.

For what reasons you decide to put the mattress on the floor?

In recent years, the minimalism lifestyle in Germany has made itself heard more and more. It represents a counterpoint to common consumption and the throw-away society. In this way of life, one’s own possessions are reduced to the bare essentials. It just seems logical to do without the bed including the slatted frame. If you want to furnish your bedroom as “ minimalist ” as possible and if you feel cramped by a large bed, then it could prove to be practical if you put the mattress on the floor.

More often, however, the reason is very different and of a financial nature . Because the bed and a slatted frame are a big cost. Especially for students who move into their first apartment, the money may not be available to buy a complete bed. Therefore, the idea of ​​doing without the bed frame altogether and, if necessary, laying the mattress on the floor could quickly emerge.

As a temporary solution, it could also prove to be practical to first place the mattress on the floor. Was there a move and the mattress has already been delivered, but the bed is still missing, you could bridge the time without the bed frame. So you are not dependent on a self-inflating air mattress , but simply use the existing mattress.


So there are many reasons why you might come up with the idea of ​​laying the mattress directly on the floor. Be it out of your own conviction or because you simply don’t have the money for the slatted frame and bed frame. Is it problematic if you just use the mattress like that?


The biggest problem with the mattress on the floor is that it doesn’t have enough air circulation. You lose a lot of sweat in your sleep . No matter whether in midsummer or in winter, when the temperatures tend to invite you to freeze . Sweat gets from your body onto the mattress every night.

Without the slatted frame, the underside of the mattress lies directly on the floor. This is not exposed to any air circulation so that the moisture is not drained away. It is still in the mattress, which creates some secondary problems.

This applies to allergy sufferers , for example . Because dust mites feel like they are in paradise in a damp mattress. They multiply rapidly and lead to more severe symptoms in allergy sufferers.

Also, mold can form due to the moisture and the attack airways. Even turning or airing the mattress more often hardly helps to dry it.


Do you promise yourself from the mattress on the floor that your back will benefit from it and back pain will go away ?

Then in most cases this hope is unfounded. Because the slatted frame absorbs part of the load and in this way protects the mattress. If the mattress is on the floor, it will take your entire body weight. This changes the perceived hardness and, especially with thin versions, leads to an unfavorable sleeping position.

Your spine no longer maintains its natural curvature, but will adapt to the harsh lying conditions. The shoulder and pelvis do not sink deep enough , so that tension often occurs in these areas.

mattress that is too hard is by no means beneficial for the back , but causes a lot of consequential damage. From a health point of view, the slatted frame is therefore much healthier.


Even the entry-level will fall less pleasant. The mattress is so low that it is not necessary to sit comfortably on it. You only have the option to lie down on the mattress. This variant is less recommended, especially for older people with joint pain. Getting up in the morning is not exactly pleasant and starting the day with pain is not a good start. A bed with slatted frame is therefore a better solution from the point of view of comfort.


If you still put the mattress on the floor, you should follow the tips below so that both the material and your body do not suffer.


So that the mattress can better withstand the higher humidity , it should be made of a breathable material . These include cold foam mattresses , which convince with an open-pore design. It is also advantageous if ventilation channels are incorporated into the foam . This is more often the case with orthopedic mattresses , for example , which result in a more comfortable sleeping environment.

However , you should refrain from using latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses . These have a low breathability and are only suitable for use on the slatted frame.


The height of the mattress is also decisive for whether you can sleep well on the floor. Rather choose a variant that is higher. This makes getting in easier and there is less risk of you pushing the mattress down to the floor.

Contrary to this principle, the floor mattresses in Japan are very low. If you are not used to it and are already suffering from minor ailments, then opt for a higher mattress.


It is not just the mattress that has to be adapted to this procedure. The floor must also meet certain requirements so that you can use the mattress without a slatted frame. This includes that the floor is non-slip . You move around during the night and you don’t want the mattress to slip constantly.

It becomes dangerous if the apartment has underfloor heating . Then the mattress should not be placed on it , but used with a bed frame. Otherwise the mattress could be damaged and no longer offer the desired sleeping comfort.


Even with breathable mattresses, it can hardly be avoided that they absorb moisture. To prevent mold from forming , you need to air out the mattress regularly. To do this, place them vertically on the floor so that the draft from both sides carries the moisture out of the material.

If you are using the mattress alone, it should not be too big or heavy . Otherwise, the handling could be so complicated that you cannot straighten it up by yourself to reduce the moisture.


Doing without a bed frame and slatted frame may work for some mattresses . Usually, however, the mattresses are not designed so that they can lie directly on the floor. There they do not receive adequate ventilation and the back is not optimally supported.

Laying the mattress on the floor for a short time is not a problem. In the long term, however, this is only possible with special precautions. The mattress must be breathable and stable enough to take your body weight. In addition, more frequent airing and turning of the mattress is necessary.

As a short-term alternative, you can opt for a guest mattress or a folding mattress . These are significantly lighter and more flexible to use.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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